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The Rise of the Patina Paint Job

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Why do car enthusiasts search far and wide for those old barn steels that have maintained glimpses of their past life, through their faded original paint?

Well, why do we go out and spend $200 on a pair of jeans with rips in the knees and pockets that look like someone’s taken a razor blade to the denim? Because worn is cool, rustic is in, and vintage is unique. We take a look at why people are obsessed with the patina paint job.

Maintaining historical purpose

One of the reasons many car enthusiasts choose to embrace a car’s original paint is for historical reasons. History is often the reason why a vintage car is bought in the first place. If the buyer is particularly enthusiastic about maintaining its cultural significance, then keeping the original paint is a must. It gives the vehicle “authenticity” and adds to its value.

Those rustic vibes

Many vintage car owners are in it for purely aesthetic reasons. Achieving a ‘worn’ look gives off the impression of stylish carelessness. To the point where people are even trying to give new cars a faux patina paint job! There are countless instructional videos out there on how to get the look, and just as many opinions on how absurd it is, too. But people have been doing this for decades with all kinds of objects; clothes, homewares, art etc. If you don’t believe us, Pinterest search ‘shabby chic.’ Vintage is unique, and people want something one-of-a-kind. Trends might change, but this will always be true!

Fender bender liberation

Some people choose to maintain a car’s original, worn out paint with rusty patches and scratches simply because it offers freedom. Scrape your car on a pylon in the car park? Oh well, just adds to the general shabby appearance. Classic car owners traditionally stress over their prized vehicles with meticulous care and concern. You can see why having a distinctly vintage and worn-out looking car could be liberating. No more sweating the small stuff.

Satiating the groupies

If you’re paying the big bucks for a cult classic vehicle, you want to keep it recognisable. You wouldn’t paint over a 1970s Chrysler muscle car that still had panels sporting the original iconic, ‘go mango’ paint. Enthusiasts would turn up at your door with torches and pitchforks. You want to show off your piece of history in style. Stand proudly next to your vintage vehicle as the fans roll in with a series of questions on how you maintained her famed look.

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