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Benefits of joining a local car club

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A car club, like any club, is a great way for people who share similar interests to gather, swap ideas and advice, and generally, socialise on topics that they are passionate about.

Joining a local car club can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, and here’s why.


Mutual enthusiasm

The most obvious reason to join a car club is to be able to unashamedly express your passion. Sick of your partner looking at you with a blank, glazed expression when you animatedly recount every winner of the Bathurst 1000? Imagine having an actual discussion about it – with interjections and opinions and everything! This is what a car club is.


Advice, talents and services

Joining a car club provides you with the opportunity to contribute your specialised knowledge to a growing pool of accredited information. Many national car club’s produce publications and almost all have an online presence. Whether it’s sharing your experience on a forum board or writing an article for the annual journal, your talents will be put to good use. By the same token, you will also have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. What chamois gives the best finish to your 1968 VW? Consult your community and wait for the flood of recommendations to come in!


Club membership incentives

Annual club memberships can appear to be slightly on the pricey side. However, once you’ve weighed up the discounts offered on parts, services, insurance, group car show bookings and the exclusive opportunities available as a member, it’s worth it. If you’re going to collect or keep cars anyway, why not join a club and reduce the cost of running them?


Regular outings, shows and showing off

Many car enthusiasts argue that collecting is something they do for themselves; a personal hobby that enriches their lives and keeps their hands busy. But who doesn’t like showing off every once in awhile? Regular car shows, road trips and workshop visits are an excuse to get the old girl out of the garage, give her a polish and put her on display. Who better to appreciate your proud work than a fellow enthusiast?


Not an owner? No worries!

Have a deep passion for a particular brand, make or model, but lacking the finances to purchase just yet? Most car clubs welcome non-owners into their midst. Joining a car club with a keen interest and intent to one day purchase can be a real advantage. What better way to make an informed decision before you buy than perusing the club archives, seeking advice and comparing members’ cars to your own requirements?


Car clubs around Brisbane

Eager to find a car club that suits your interests? Here are a few options around the Brisbane area:

QLD Early Ford and V8 Club
Queensland HD & HR Holden Club
Queensland Mini Car Club Inc.
Queensland Torana Car Club Inc.
Roma Historical Motor Club


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