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Vehicle Transport Options

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Vehicle Transport Options


Vehicle transport options can vary, at Door to Door Car Carrying we offer multiple options to suit your needs.

Whether you require Door-to-Door, Depot-to-Depot, Door-to-Depot or even Depot-to-Door, we offer these services to help make transporting your vehicle as convenient for you as possible.

Sometimes, the terms used in transport can be confusing. To help clarify what these terms mean, we’ve created a list of what’s commonly used in the industry.


Door to Door Service

Vehicle transport options, Door to door service

When using our Door-to-Door service, the team will collect your vehicle from the house, business, storage facility, airport parking or even the hospital parking lot.

Door to door is far more convenient than a depot drop-off or pick-up. Do keep in mind that door to door service is not direct transport from one door to the next.

Door-to-Door service means we can pick up from one location and deliver to another with possible depot stops along the way.

Door to door service is the best option for convenience, saving you time and the hassle of getting a ride to or from a depot.



Depot to Depot Service

Vehicle transport options, Depot to depot service

If you’re unsure where your vehicle needs to go, or if someone will be home to hand over your vehicle to the driver or if you need to work within certain days for collection and delivery, you can drop it off at one of our secure depot locations, and we’ll transport it to another one of our depots in the city of your choice (if available).

We have depots in all major cities and even in some smaller, more secluded locations. This option is generally cheaper and it can also be the quickest, as we don’t need to organise delivery to the door.

Depending on the cities involved, this option can also save a lot of hassle as some cities don’t have easy access for trucks. Another reason to use the depot to depot service is that it can minimise handling of your precious baby.



Door to Depot – Depot to Door Service

Vehicle transport options, Door to depot - Depot to door service

Door-to-depot and Depot-to-Door are basically the same reversed. If you need your vehicle collected from the property quickly or can’t have the truck meet you at your property due to safe access, then dropping it off at the depot is a more sensible option.

This way you don’t have to wait for the truck to arrive, which can be less stressful, especially if you’re in a hurry.

If you’re moving to another state and aren’t sure where to have your vehicle delivered, collecting it from the depot can relieve the stress of ensuring a safe delivery location.

Vehicle Transport Options

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