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The most iconic vintage and classic cars for each decade

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Iconic vintage and classic cars, Cars have always been a classic indicator of the changing of an era, with their style and design heavily influenced by the economic, political and popular culture of the time.

In the mood for a bit of reminiscing? Look no further! We’re about to take you on a journey through time, with ten years of iconic beauties to gaze at.


Warning: the following images may cause feelings of yearning which could potentially lead to impulse buying. Take caution when Googling.



Ah, the Gatsby era; one of our personal favourites.

Cars became a lot more mainstream in the twenties. Two main factors influenced this – 1. Manufacturers discovered more efficient ways of making cars, enabling them to lower the costs, and 2. The prosperity of the post-war economy enabled average income-earners to be able to afford them.

While there are many contenders for the title of most iconic, the 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost was certainly one to look back on.


Despite The Great Depression sending the world’s economy crashing down in 1929, the thirties saw automobiles become more powerful and luxurious than ever! Major developments such as the introduction of automatic transmission and the installation of radios and heaters were accomplished, and cars were being produced at a speedy rate.

Which was the most iconic car? Why, none other than the 1932 SS1 Coupe!


World War Two had a few impacts on automobile design throughout the forties. For example, the shortage of materials such as aluminium, zinc and copper meant car makers were forced to be as conservative as they could, or resort to using older materials like cast-iron and steel. Nevertheless, the cars that came from this decade were of good quality, reliable and stylish.

Like old mate, Tucker 48.


Shiny, sporty and speedy was clearly the intention of car manufacturers in the fifties. The introduction of the sports car was a major leap, and an exciting one for car-enthusiasts around the world. But there’s one vehicle that springs to mind when you think 1950… Yep, you guessed it – oh, Chevy baby!

The slick, two-tone paint job and powerful V8 engine of the ‘57 Chevrolet Bel Air made it the most popular of all the Chevy models.


The sixties was a decade filled with freedom and expression. With fashion trends a mix of vibrant colours and psychedelic patterns, it was only fitting that car designs had to be equally as extravagant and stylish.

The battle for most iconic is a tough one, with the Jaguar E-Type and the Ford Mustang Convertible both memorable models. But we’ve decided to go with Mustang Sally, because everyone wanted to ride that mustang ‘round.


The seventies were a lot of things but boring certainly wasn’t one of them! Changes to federal regulations impacted the style and design of cars, and the oil crisis forced manufacturers to start making more gas conservative vehicles. This didn’t stop the flamboyant style of the sixties from sticking around though – in fact vinyl, wings and wedges grew in popularity!

In terms of capturing the true essence of the seventies, look no further than the Stutz Blackhawk. All the cool kids had one – Elvis, Willie Nelson… Need we go on?


Lamborghini and ferraris are all around! The eighties saw a huge rise in lux car designs – mainly due to a decline in sales carrying on from the late seventies. Manufacturers worked tirelessly to invent the fanciest possible cars, in attempts to entice more people to buy.

The Lamborghini Countach earned the highest poster-car status and is still regarded as one of the most futuristic vehicles of all time.

Iconic vintage and classic cars

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