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Motorhome transport interstate: Easy transport to or from home

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If you own a motorhome, you know that it can come with moments of great joy, and moments of utter despair. But the pros vastly outweigh the cons, and that’s why you’re still rambling down those Aussie roads!

However, when you get stuck in the middle of Whoop-Whoop with your radiator shot and your hood smoking like a bushfire, it can feel like the cons are tipping the scales. You just know that it’s going to be almost impossible to get the old girl back home. Almost. That’s where Door to Door Car Carrying come in. We transport caravans, RVs and motorhomes all around Australia, and that means way off the beaten track, wherever you may be! Because we know that you motorhome lovers are always in search of a secluded slice of paradise. But there are a few other reasons why you may need to enlist the help of a professional transport service. Reasons that perhaps, you hadn’t ever considered using us for. Here are just a few of the ways that Door to Door Car Carrying can make your on-the-road lifestyle a little more convenient.

Transport your motorhome to or from interstate rally’s and club meets.

Are you a part of a motorhome club such as the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia? No doubt you’ll be all geared up to attend the rally in October or various other club events around the country! You don’t want to miss out on exclusive deals, community news, and the chance to catch up with other like-minded motorhome buffs. But sometimes these events are far from home and fall in weeks where you have other commitments to attend to. You may not have the time to make the road journey all the way from Brisbane to Victoria, but don’t want to turn up without your precious motorhome, or forgo the experience altogether. This is where hiring transportation for your motorhome can really come in handy. While Door to Door moves your motorhome to the event, you can be getting on with all the other things you need to do. You’ll have plenty of time to fly and meet your RV at its destination. You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Move a newly purchased motorhome back to your house.

Sometimes you have to travel far and wide to get the best deal on your dream motorhome. There are plenty of caravan, camping, 4WD, outdoor and RV shows touring Australia, but you may have to roam interstate to find the one that offers exclusive discounts on the motorhome you’ve had your eye on. Don’t settle for less just because it’s closer to home. A motorhome is a long-term investment, so you want to ensure that you’re 100% happy with your purchase! If you’ve driven to the event, allow Door to Door Car Carrying to carry your newly purchased motorhome back to your house. Likewise, if you’ve flown and can’t spare the time to drive it yourself, we can help there too! Need to wait a few weeks for those custom features you requested, to be installed? No problem! Simply tell us where and when, and we can pick up your motorhome from the seller or mechanic, and drop it straight to your door.

Have your motorhome carried home after a far-flung holiday.

Have your ambitious holiday plans left you a little weary after two weeks of solid driving, adventure-seeking, hiking and camping? Don’t try and tackle a journey of over 1000 KM to get home when you’re physically and mentally exhausted. It’s unsafe for yourself, your passengers, and others on the road. If you still have a little time off work, or a few days before you need to get back to your busy life, why not fly home and spend them relaxing with family and friends? A couple of days pottering around the house and resting those sore limbs is probably just what the doctor ordered! Not driving for hours on highways, dodging erratic drivers and getting a sore back from sitting in the same position for too long! Door to Door Car Carrying will take care of this for you by transporting your motorhome from your holiday spot, back to your house.

Door to Door Car Carrying move caravans, RVs and motorhomes all around Australia. We don’t inconvenience you by making you drive all the way out to depots to pick up your motorhome; it gets dropped straight to your door! Contact us today to arrange a free quote for your motorhome’s next journey interstate.