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Most common accidents when towing a caravan

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Most common accidents when towing a caravan. When you’re driving a caravan, regular Compulsory Third Party Insurance isn’t enough when you consider the risks involved.

Most common accidents when towing a caravan, such a large vehicle requires an experienced driver, but even those that have been driving for over twenty years can be caught off guard. In fact, the average age of caravan drivers who claim on their insurance are in their 60s. Here are a few of the most common accidents that caravan drivers find themselves in.

Common accidents when towing a caravan

Double checking everything before your journey, will help to ensure your trip will be as safe and enjoyable as you can make it.

Check the caravan, check the vehicle you are towing with, and let’s not forget about the road conditions and weather.

Here’s some tips if you have young passengers.

Remember smartphones and tablets / iPads come in very handy on long trips, especially around holiday seasons.

Keep that data topped up.

Sugary drinks are ok for the driver. Not so much for people having to sit still for long hours in a car.

Snacks, snacks, snacks, always a crowd pleaser, and of course plenty of water.

Don’t be caught unawares! If you want to eliminate all risk of accidents, hire Door to Door Car Carrying to transport your caravan on long haul trips.