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Caravan Design Ideas: Ways to Make Your Caravan Homely

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If you’ve invested money in buying a caravan, then you’ll know it’s more than just a mode of transport to get you from A to B.


Caravan Design Ideas: A caravan is a home away from home, so it should be a comfortable retreat no matter where you’re travelling. Whether you are renovating or planning to build your own caravan, keep reading to find out how to give your caravan the glamping touch.


The cheapest way to give your caravan a makeover is to add some accessories. Simply adding a few nice cushions, some photos, pictures (if you’ve got the wall space!), personal items or new curtains can freshen it up. If you want a more modern look then consider replacing the curtains with blinds. These can be measured to size, and there are many different types such as venetians, roller, roman and more.

If the upholstery is a little tired then cover it with throws, which can also double as cosy comforters in winter. The addition of a mirror is also a good way to make your caravan seem more spacious.

Caravan Design Ideas: wood interior
(Image via Deconesta)


An older caravan inevitably will have flooring that has seen better days, but this can easily be replaced. If you have fitted carpet then you have the option of getting it professionally replaced, or a DIY job. If you do it yourself be careful not to damage the subfloor underneath and cut the new carpet carefully to ensure it fits well. If you can get the old carpet up in one piece you could use it as a template.

Laying new laminate flooring is a practical solution for caravans, especially if you have children, dogs or spend a lot of time at the beach. If you want to brighten it up or make it warmer underfoot, then colourful rugs work well too.

Caravan Design Ideas: classic interior
(Image via The Twinkle Diaries)

Bedding & Seating

One great way to inject comfort and luxury into your caravan is to replace the mattress with one that has memory foam. Upgrading bed linen to something with a higher thread count will also make you feel you’re not roughing it. While you’re at why not go for a designer doona and pillows. Who said you can’t get a good night’s sleep in a caravan?

If your seating converts into the bed, then upgrading the fabric on these will complete the whole bedding ensemble. Faded or worn seating is instantly noticeable and easy enough to change. Jump online and get in touch with a company that supplies new fabric for caravans; choose something that looks good and is hard wearing and stain resistant, such as vinyl.

Caravan Design Ideas: 80s interior
(Image via The Silver Bungalow)

The Kitchen and Bathroom

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a bit tired then getting these replaced with a more modern version is ideal. But not the cheapest of options. If they’re wood then a rub down with sandpaper, and a lick of varnish or paint will make them look like new.

Bathrooms can get a lot of abuse in caravans with sinks becoming stained and shower bases getting cracked. If you’re not confident with replacing these yourself then it’s best to call in a professional because it involves water and you don’t want a leak.

Caravan Design Ideas: 70s interior
(Image via The Silver Bungalow)

Caravan Design Ideas

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