Transport Your 4WD or Caravan to These Less-known Holiday Destinations

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Australia is a vast country with many hidden gems so, if you want to visit somewhere that’s a bit off-the-beaten track or too far to drive, why not get your 4WD or caravan delivered instead?


As well as less wear and tear on your vehicle, you’ll come back refreshed rather than fatigued! Here are some lesser visited holiday destinations to consider for your next road trip.


Cape York is a narrow peninsula of at the northern tip of Queensland (and Australia) and only accessible by 4WD between May and November. The coastal route is very scenic and very off the beaten track, attracting people who love outdoor adventures, fishing, bird watching and more. Despite its remoteness, there are lots of opportunities for Cape York camping.

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New South Wales

Escape to Glenworth Valley just an hour north of Sydney. This tranquil spot is 3,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness and the good news is that you can stay at a 200-acre riverfront camping ground with your caravan. It is quite rustic but there are plenty of activities on offer if you want to be active such as horse riding, kayaking, quad biking, even laser skirmish. Alternatively, you can simply kick back and soak up the peace and quiet.


The spectacular sandstone ridges of the Grampians are one of the highlights of Victoria. Known for its challenging rock climbing and abseiling it also has lakes offering fishing and canoeing. Definitely an off the beaten path Aussie experience, and just a few hours drive west of Melbourne, which would be your pick up point. There are plenty of options for pitching a tent or parking your caravan in the Grampians too.

South Australia

A somewhat quirky and warm destination is Coober Pedy, the opal capital of the world. It gets so hot here that much of the town is situated underground. Camping options range from sleeping in an underground cave, to an outback resort style set up with powered and un-powered camp sites. You’re sure to return with some colorful stories from Coober Pedy!

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