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Turning Your Car into a Billboard for Your Business

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There are many perks to owning a mobile business. Whether it’s a coffee cart operating out of a van, a mobile dog washing service, a food truck or a portable massage clinic, being able to move around at a whim has its advantages.

But, it requires a top-notch, reliable and sleek vehicle. The bonus is, however, that your ‘office’ and physical advertising are rolled into one, and receive much more widespread exposure because it’s constantly on the move

We take a look at how you can successfully brand your mobile business.

Choosing the right type of vehicle

When it comes to choosing the type of vehicle you want to operate your mobile business out of, it’s important to take into consideration the industry that you work in, and the schtick you want your brand to convey. You wouldn’t try to run a taco food service out of a Mini Cooper.

You want your vehicle to have the ‘wow’ factor that will draw people’s eyes and encourage patronage. A great way to do this is to invest in restoring a vintage car. This can really draw crowds, especially if you’re looking to give your business a retro branding vibe. Here are a couple of vehicles that make great restoration projects, and can be easily modified to suit your mobile business.


Catch & Kiss mobile seafood company have restored a vintage Citroen H Van to become the iconic ‘Claudette.’ They serve up fresh seafood dishes to Brisbane residents on the daily, and can also been seen frequenting the roads on their way to various events and festivals. The eye-catching, powder blue van definitely gives the impression of being close to the sea!

Orange Sky Laundry is another Brisbane-based business that certainly give a whole new approach to mobile business. Who would have thought of fitting a laundry into a van? Their vans are fairly new, but still innovative in the way that they operate. Orange sky vehicles travel all around Australia assisting people experiencing homelessness, one load of washing at a time.


US company Haberdash Vintage operate out of a converted vintage school bus and 1950s teardrop camper. What better way to advertise their vintage fashion label than through a fleet of vintage vehicles?

Another adventurous bus conversion was undergone by Louis Cole, British YouTube personality better known as FunForLouis. He converted a vintage double decker bus into his ‘Live the Adventure’ bus; complete with a hot tub! It could be stretching the term ‘mobile business’ but in this day and age, being an online personality/influencer IS a job.

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There are tonnes of great alterations that you can make to old caravans too! Caravans are especially coveted by mobile coffee companies as they have just enough wiggle room to swing a group handle! Mobile bars are also popping up everywhere, becoming increasingly popular for weddings and parties. People are even starting to convert horse floats! Check out a few ideas below.

Classic Cars

UK based company Vintage Food Trucks fully restore vintage trucks, cars and caravans into sleek mobile businesses and boy do they know how to pick fantastic projects! Classic cars may not have enough room to house a complete mobile business, but if you’re a sole trader such as an accountant or business consultant who runs their own company, having a branded vehicle is great for advertising.

The classic Piaggio Ape

Apelino’s goal is to bring the iconic Italian Piaggio Ape to Australia. They undergo restorations of these dinky vehicles to transform them into mobile businesses. Perfect for gelato sellers, florists and micro bars! They’re so unique, it’s hard not to do a double take when you see one!

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A post shared by Apelino ( on

Don’t have the time or expertise to restore it yourself?

Now that you’re chock-a-block full of ideas, it’s time to get restoring! However, if you’re time-poor or lacking in the expertise a full vehicle restoration requires, you can always call on a specialised vintage mechanic such as Benzine Works.

Need to courier your vehicle interstate?

Door to Door are specialists in transporting unique vintage vehicles and caravans. If you’ve ordered your vehicle from overseas, we can also pick it up from the port and deliver it straight to your door! Contact us today for a quote.