Coolest revamped buses, Have you ever dreamed of having your own version of the Spice World bus?

Let’s be honest, installing a swing in a moving bus probably isn’t the safest option (looks like Baby Spice was more rebellious than we thought). But there are some seriously cool ways you can convert old buses into a mobile or stationary retreat. Queue, the grown-up version of a cubby house!

This bus that fits a queen sized bed and reading nook in one tiny space.

This cosy bus doesn’t look like a bus at all from the inside! The roof, walls and floor have all been redone with salvaged wood panelling for a homey feel. The canopy bed is flanked by practical storage drawers which separate the ‘bedroom’ from the rest of the bus. A great example of how to use every inch of space available!

This bus complete with a porch!

Who says you can’t have it all? This bus even comes complete with a porch and extended private room. Like a camper van… but an old school bus!

This stylish as heck man cave.

If you need a suave place to drink whisky and chop wood (we don’t recommend enjoying these tasks simultaneously), this is the ultimate man cave for you! Decked out in plaid blankets, polished wood and animal skins, you’ll be feeling like a woodsman in no time!

This cosy retreat with a fireplace.

For those of you that live in colder climates, installing a woodburning fireplace is probably the niftiest option. A little bit of luxury never goes astray.

This green sanctuary.

If you have a bit of a green thumb, you’re going to want to bring some life to your converted bus with a few plants. Utilise space by creating wall troughs.

This whimsical wonderland.

Never underestimate the mood-enhancing power of fairy lights. If you lack connected electricity, battery-powered fairy lights are the loveliest way to create soft lighting. Even better, create a clear roof, so the moonlight shines in.

This decor that makes us want to become nomadic gypsies.

If your decorating style focuses on bohemian glamour, try carved wood panelling and heavy velvet drapes in a variety of colours. Oh, and A LOT of gold gilding.

Coolest revamped buses

Whether you’re looking for a stationary retreat for your backyard, to join the increasingly popular tiny home movement, a mobile holiday house or just craving a DIY job, we hope these examples have inspired you!


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