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Restore or Build the Caravan of Your Dreams

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Can’t find a caravan on the market to suit your needs? Perhaps you want to tour around the country in a classic model? These are just three options to consider to acquire the caravan of your dreams, check them out.

1. Build One From Scratch

What do you do when you’re about to tour the Outback for a month? Build your own caravan, of course! A Sydney couple decided to do just that and make a caravan from scratch. While it might seem a bit extreme to non-DIY folk, Liam (a carpenter) and Carly (an industrial designer) weren’t daunted and happily took on the project. They firstly bought a trailer base, put down a floor and wooden sides and used a width of copper as the roof.

In total it took them eight months working on it part-time, but Carly says it would’ve taken only three to four months full-time. Inside the caravan is surprisingly comfortable, with a kitchen area, bed and storage cupboards. One of the best features is a pop-top roof which acts as a sunroof, cleverly fitted with solar panels. These are connected to a battery pack for providing electricity for a kitchen and bedroom light, a freezer and a phone charger.

You can read more about the project here.


2. Restore a Vintage Caravan

If making a caravan from scratch seems like too much hard work, then why not buy a vintage one and restore it to its former glory? Refitting a vintage caravan can be purely your own labour of love, or you can call in the professionals. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to figure out what parts you can do yourself and what you may need help with. Things like plumbing, electrical work and welding may be best left to the professionals.

One of the first decisions to make is whether you want to restore it to its original state or fit it out with modern technology to bring it up to the 21st century? There are no hard and fast rules but if you plan to take it on the road, be aware that it will need to have a decent chassis, axle, and coupling. It will also need to pass a registration test.

3. Flat Pack Caravans

This is a kind of DIY caravan but is much easier than building one from scratch! Hans Vans is a company that sells flat pack caravans you can simply assemble at home, in your own garage. These caravans come in a retro teardrop shape and you can choose from a range of kitschy colours. The walls have an internal oak lining with the external cover made from aluminium. The roof is made from fiberglass in the colour of your choosing.

These caravans are small but functional, with a hatch that lifts on the back to reveal a small kitchenette. Hans Vans supplies tent annex’s that can be connected to the back hatch for eating and leisure. The caravan can be easily towed by a small car and is perfect for weekend camping adventures with a little extra comfort!

Restore or Build the Caravan of Your Dreams

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