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Move a car from one state to another

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There are three major things that you want to look out for when moving a car from one state to another. Those are your convenience, efficiency and excellent value for money!

Choosing interstate car transport, instead of long road trips, is the safest way to relocate your car. All drivers can benefit from allowing a car transportation company to handle the long haul driving involved with shifting a vehicle to a different state. In this article, we outline why interstate car transport is worth the investment, and what features you should prioritise in a car carrying company to ensure that you receive the most bang for your buck!

Relocate your car interstate with Door to Door Car Carrying. Avoid the fatigue of long road trips when moving your car interstate.

Hiring a transportation company to move your car interstate: the advantages

Other than the fact that it is safer for yourself and your passengers, why is enlisting the help of a car carrying company the best way to go when relocating your vehicle?

It frees up more time for you!

If you’re moving house, having a few extra days to pack and say goodbye to friends and family can make all the difference. You don’t have to feel rushed to get on the road.

It’s less stressful

Bad drivers, congested highways and dangerous weather can all take their toll on a long journey. Removing the anxiety that these factors cause will lift a huge weight off your shoulders.

It eliminates unnecessary journeys

If you want to drop your car off somewhere and make the journey home afterwards (if you are gifting your vehicle to a family member, for example), or pick a car up and take it back with you (if you’ve purchased a car interstate, for instance) it saves you from doing a round trip.

Relocate your car interstate with Door to Door Car Carrying. Avoid the fatigue of long road trips when moving your car interstate.

What to look out for in a car carrying company

So what kind of vehicle transportation companies are the cream of the crop? Choose a car moving service that displays the following features, and you’ll never bother with long-haul trips to move a car from one state to another again!


The first and most obvious thing to check when browsing for a car courier is that it’s a legitimate business. You don’t want to entrust your vehicle to a random guy on Gumtree with a tow truck! Check the company’s website, gain an insight into their experience and have a read of their online reviews. If motoring enthusiasts or classic car collectors use them on the regular, they’re bound to be good!


If a quote sounds too good to be true, question it. If it’s significantly higher than other quotes you’ve obtained, ask why. A professional car moving company will be happy to walk you through the quote. And there may be a reason why it varies compared to competing services. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for excellent, transparent communication, especially if you want to remain informed about the progress of your vehicle’s journey.

Door to Door service

When choosing a vehicle transportation provider, you may notice that some offer depot to depot services, while others offer door to door services. Pick a door to door service for superior convenience and better time management. It removes the need to take public transport or arrange to have a friend drive you to the depot. Doing this can be a massive hassle, especially if you work nine to five. With door to door car transport services, the truck will load your car at your house, and meet you at the destination. It’s simple, quick and convenient.

Door to Door Car Carrying transport cars all over Australia. From Brisbane to Sydney, Perth to Melbourne and even Darwin to Adelaide! Our experienced drivers know how to take care of your car when moving it interstate so that you can stress less, and use your time wisely. Contact us today for a free quote.