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Car Transport to Sydney: ‘Depots to Depot’ vs. ‘Door to Door’?

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If you’re going to transport your car interstate to Sydney, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider. Firstly, most people choose to use a trusted car courier to make the long journey with their precious vehicle. It’s safer, easier and far more convenient! Secondly, what kind of car courier are you going to use? One that only picks up and drops off from depots, or one that will come straight to your door? We compare the two services to see which comes out on top.


It’s no secret that door to door car transport is much more convenient than having to drop your car off and pick it up from a depot. This is especially relevant in Sydney, where, as you know, traffic can be a nightmare! Especially peak hour traffic – but don’t get us started! Why battle angry commuters and spend hours in standstills when you could have your car delivered straight to your home? If you’re busy, this type of service can be a real godsend; you don’t have to take time out of your day to pick it up within depot office hours.


Depot to depot deals may seem like a real steal when it comes to a bargain, but at what cost? Many companies offering depot to depot deals can do so at a lower price point because there are many layovers on their journey to Sydney. This means that your valuable vehicle could be sitting at several different depots on its way to its destination. This drastically decreases the security of your car. With door to door transport, you know that your car is going directly to its destination; your home. No lengthy stopovers in locations where you’re unsure of its security.

Car transport to Sydney: 'depots to depot' vs. 'door to door'?


When choosing a door to door car courier, you’ll meet the person who will be responsible for your car on its journey to Sydney when they pull up to your drive with the truck. When you drop your car off at a depot, you may not have any idea who will be driving the truck with your vehicle on it. This can often leave car owners feeling uneasy. You don’t want to be biting your nails for two days straight! Furthermore, if there are multiple depot stopovers on the way, several people may end up handling your car as it’s moved on and off different trucks. If your vehicle is particularly precious, say, a one of a kind vintage project car, this increases the likelihood of it being scratched or damaged, resulting in immediate devaluation.


Convinced that door to door car transport is the best way to get your car to Sydney? Couriers that offer door to door services are often much more concerned with the safety and security of your vehicle as they’re willing to go the extra mile to come straight to you. Door to Door Car Carrying are experts in transporting vehicles all over Australia! We specialise in transporting precious vintage vehicles because we’re car enthusiasts ourselves. Whatever the make, model or year, we’ll treat your car like our own; with the utmost care.

Car transport to Sydney: 'depots to depot' vs. 'door to door'?

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