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How to grow your fleet of vintage camper caravans

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Many of us only ever dream of having a fleet of retro campervans, but for former bookkeeper and guide dog worker Angela McCormack, that dream has recently hit the road and won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Angela is the proud owner of Retro Revival Van Hire, where she hires out her growing fleet of campers to those adventurers who want to travel around Australia in real classic style.

Based out of Brighton, in northern Brisbane, Angela currently has two beautifully imported fibreglass Dub Box camper caravans in her hireable fleet and is busy roadworthy’ing two Gidget Retro Teardrop Campers, which will be available for hire in the new year.

How to grow your fleet of vintage camper caravans

Photo credit to Retro Revival Van Hire

“I stumbled upon this business of hiring out vans accidentally, really. I use to have an old kombi, which I named Sandy and absolutely adored, but had to sell her after just too many breakdowns,” Angela said.

“I wanted something exciting and retro, and I saw these two Dub Box caravans for bid online. I just wanted one for myself, but bid on both just to be sure I would win one of them,” she said.

“Turns out no one outbid me, so I ended up buying two Dub Box caravans. I had to phone our bank manager shortly after that.”

The investment was worth it, with Angela now steadily increasing her fleet of retro campervans. She named her new Dub Box caravans Danny and Rizzo, in honour of her beloved kombi, Sandy. Angela was also one of the last people to buy a made-to-order Retro Gidget Teardrop Camper before the company went into voluntary administration in early 2018.

How to grow your fleet of vintage camper caravans

Photo credit to Retro Revival Van Hire

Both the Dub Box caravans have now been certified to Australian standards and custom awnings were made for the Dub Box caravans on the Gold Coast.

Angela also recently bought a secondhand Gidget Teardrop in Melbourne. Door to Door Carrying was able to safely and securely transport the caravan for her from Victoria to her home, just north of Brisbane.

Once the Teardrop is renovated and brought up to scratch, Angela says that travellers have a wide range of choices for what adventures they go on with her retro campervans.

“With the kombi-looking ones, the Dub Boxes, people love taking them to music festivals because it looks unique and alternative on their Instagram feeds, or they would just take them a caravan to the coast for a few nights,” Angela said.

How to grow your fleet of vintage camper caravans

Photo credit to Retro Revival Van Hire

“The Gidget Teardrops give you a lot more variety and, because they are bigger and have more space, they’re more suitable for longer camping adventures or road trips across the country,” she said.

“I just madly love these vans and what they stand for, and I love all things retro. If I was rich, I would have a whole fleet of them.”

So would we, Angela. So would we.

If you are interested in hiring one of Angela’s retro campervans, check out her Instagram page @retrorevivalvanhire

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