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Australia’s Longest Road Trips and Scenic Drives

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Australia – famous for our wildlife, open spaces, vastness, ‘the bush’ and ‘the Outback’. With so much to explore and so many ‘must see places’ it can be hard to know where to start. We have compiled a list of Australia’s long road trips and scenic drives to get you off the computer and on the road faster.

Red Centre Way, Northern Territory

Distance: 690 km
Travel Time: 8 hours
Sites: Uluru and everything that comes with the epic red centre of Australia!

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You can’t experience a much more iconically Australian road trip than Red Centre Way (formerly known as ‘the Mereenie Loop’). This road trip starts at Alice Springs and takes you on an outback journey through Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Hugh River, Point Howard, Ellery Creek Big Hole (pack your swimmers), Serpentine Gorge, Orche Pits, Ormiston Gorge, Glen Helen Gorge, Mt Sonder, Redbank Gorge, Kings Canyon, Kings Creek Station, ‘Fool-Uru’ (Uluru’s doppelganger), Curtin Springs Station and of course ULURU! Truly an experience you will not forget.

Ps. Keep your eyes peeled for wild camels and breathtaking brumbies.

Gibb River Road – Western Australia (4WD only)

Distance: 660km
Travel Time: 7 hours
Sites: The Kimberley in all of its glory!

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If you want to experience Australia’s landscape without having to drive through the Red Centre, then Gibb River Road is the trip for you! Gibb River Road takes you from the top of Western Australia through the Kimberley. You have not experienced Australia for all it is worth until you have seen the Kimberley for yourself. With breathtaking lush gorges, famous colour ranges and wildlife, it is like travelling back in time to a place untouched by mankind.

Rainforest Way – NSW / QLD Border

Distance: choose your distance with over 650km of scenic drives
Travel Time: choose the amount of time spent in the car
Sites: 14 World Heritage-listed National Parks, iconic Australian beaches and views to take your breath away – what more could you want on a road trip?

Jump off the Pacific Highway (M1) and experience the best of Southern Queensland and the Northern Rivers district of New South Wales via Rainforest Way. What we love the most about Rainforest Way is that you get to choose how much you do! Whether you have a couple hours spare or a couple of days, Rainforest Way is the place for you to explore (just don’t forget your camera). The drive takes you through Australia’s picturesque Green Cauldron including Tamborine Mountain, Murwillumbah, Nimbin and Byron Bay.

Sydney to Perth

Distance: 4157 km
Travel Time: 42 hours
Sites: Wide open spaces (with no cars in sight), wedge tail eagles and Australia’s longest road.

For those of you that want to take ‘longest road trips’ to the extreme, you cannot go past the Sydney to Perth extravaganza that literally takes you from one side of Australia to the other. The trip takes you through Dubbo, Cobar, Broken Hill and Port Augusta before sending you through The Nullabor and onto Perth. We should warn you that The Nullabor is no easy feat, famous for its vastness – it is the longest, straightest and flattest road in Australia and four times the size of Belgium. It is completely worth the trip though, purely for the Bunda Cliffs (the end of Australia) and the Eucla Sand dunes that look like acres of snow! Those that complete the Sydney to Perth road trip will win bragging rights at any BBQ get together for life!

Wondering how you are going to get your caravan or 4WD to Gibb River Road without having to drive? That is where we come in. Contact us today.