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Best Rockabilly hairstyles for Aussie revheads

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You’ve got your vintage car all polished and ready for the show. But what about your look? Your car may be all shiny, so it’s time for you to scrub up too. For over six decades, the rockabilly subculture has shown just how simple it is to combine style and fashion with motorcars. One of the simplest ways you can make yourself shine and stand out from the crowd at any car show is to add a bit of style to your hair.

That’s why we’ve put together these four easy rockabilly hairstyles for any Aussie revhead.

Rockabilly Pompadour

The pompadour is a tried-and-tested rockabilly classic and is easily the most recognisable of the greaser hairstyles. The pompadour is very versatile, making it easy to wear for any and all. Wear it smooth and sleek if you want that sophisticated retro look, or add a bit texture for a more modern look. The pompadour has a long history and was especially popular amongst women in 1940s California. It wasn’t until Elvis Presley graced the airwaves that men started wearing pompadours. Versatile, easy, and cool in any era, the pompadour is the perfect hairstyle when showing off your vintage car.

Classic Slick-back

One of the premier traditional rockabilly styles, the classic slick-back is perfect for those who aren’t fans of too much hair product. Slick yet sophisticated, the slick-back looks great at work and in the garage. In fact, it was actually a popular hairstyle amongst mechanics in the heat and humidity of Louisiana and the southern USA. Its durability and style makes the slick-back the perfect tool for any home car restorer who wants to add some style to their day.

The Messy Greaser (looks great with a beard!)

If you are looking for something a bit more rugged, then the messy greaser is for you. Using either the slick-back or the pompadour, just add some layers and toss your hair around a bit. Instead of combing every hair into place, the messy greaser is great for those motoring enthusiasts who want a bit of a more rebellious look when driving their classic Aussie car around.

The Kerchief

The kerchief look was very popular during the early 1940s when more women entered factory work to help the war effort, and the look even produced cultural icons like Rosie the Riveter from the We Can Do It! posters. The kerchief look also saw a resurgence in the mid-1950s, as young rockabillies looked for a hairstyle that would stay in place during long road trips and scenic drives across the country. Easy and quick, the kerchief look can be combined with a pompadour or a cowlick for an effortless rockabilly look.

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