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Transporting Vintage Cars With Care

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Do you need to transport your vintage car interstate? Looking for a car carrying company who will ensure your vehicle is looked after with the utmost care?


Here at Door to Door Car Carrying, we pride ourselves on ensuring that your beloved vintage cars are cared for during the transportation process. We’ve got some great tips on what to do when preparing your vintage vehicles for transportation, so keep on reading!

1. Prepare your car for transportation

Transporting your classic car can be a very nerve-racking process. You’ll want to ensure that the company carrying your vehicle looks after your car and takes all the precautions necessary to get it to its destination safely. The best way to prepare your car for transportation interstate is to provide your driver with any concerns you may have when carrying your vehicle. Take care of any maintenance issues like leaking fluid lines, tire pressures or car parts that may be loose or hanging. Our professional drivers take into consideration and understand your needs and will do everything in their control to ensure your car will be transported and treated with concern and care.

Transporting Vintage Cars With Care

2. Add or remove any personal belongings

You may transport your classic car with your belongings still inside, however, you’ll need to make sure the belongings do not reach higher than the base of the windows. Remember to remove all valuable items you do not wish to be carried from your vehicle before pick up, and wind up all the windows when being carried on an open carrier.

3. Conduct an Inspection Report: TAKE PHOTOS!

Your professional driver will hand you an inspection report to complete before loading the vehicle. Ensure you thoroughly inspect your car before your driver loads the vehicle and take note of any damage or existing conditions. Another sure way to take precautionary care for your classic vehicle before loading for transportation is to take photos of your car beforehand. Taking pictures is an excellent method to record the condition of your vintage vehicle before transportation.

Transporting Vintage Cars With Care

4. Review the shipping contract

You should make sure you’re aware of what insurance you’re covered for when transporting your classic car interstate. Review both your own and the shipping companies insurance contracts so that you’re fully aware of who is responsible and what is covered in the agreement before shipping your classic car. Make sure to get a copy of the transporting contract to safeguard you if an incident occurs.

5. Inspect your vehicle upon delivery against your initial inspection report

Once your car has reached its destination, thoroughly inspect the car’s condition against the initial inspection report and the photos you took. If you cannot be at the destination and are not able to investigate the car, ensure the receiver checks the condition of the vehicle against your initial inspection report and photos.

If you need to transport your vintage car with care and professionalism, do not hesitate to give us a call now or request a free quote online!

Transporting Vintage Cars With Care