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Australia-wide Car Relocation

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Do you need to relocate your car a long distance across Australia? Perhaps the 3000 KM’s from Adelaide to Darwin or 4000 KM’s from Sydney to Perth?

Even if it’s between two of Australia’s closer cities or towns, it’s going to feel like a very long drive and will take a good few days out of your week by the time you factor in rest and fuel stops. Furthermore, do you want to risk it? There have already been 665 road deaths in Australia from January to July of 2018 so far. If you’re pressed for time, you don’t want to be rushing a huge journey to make a deadline. It’s much safer to leave it in the hands of a professional car transport company with a track record for getting cars delivered on time. We take a look at the many reasons why you may need to hire a car transport company such as Door to Door Car Carrying, to relocate your car across Australia in a timely manner.

Your classic car needs to move house with you!

So you’re moving interstate and own more than one vehicle. It may be a project car, a classic car or the second family car. It could even be a boat or caravan! Whatever the case, the vehicle/s will need to be relocated with you, and you may not have enough drivers to get them to your destination in one hit. Or you may want to keep the family together on the road during this massive milestone. Entrust the transport of you excess vehicles to a reliable car moving company and avoid the dangers of long distance convoys.

You’re buying a car interstate

Buying a car online is a regular occurrence these days, and it’s easy to see why. Motoring enthusiasts are keen for a good bargain or a one-of-a-kind model. But taking the time out of your working week to fly and pick it up, then drive it back to your home, can be a real hassle. Get the job done quicker with professional car transportation instead. If it’s a project car, it doesn’t even need to be running! As long as it rolls, Door to Door Car Carrying can move it for you.

You need to transport your car to a rally or show

Classic car fans and motorheads alike enjoy taking part in car rallies and shows Australia-wide. It’s a great social outing, and a chance to show off those prized vehicles that you’ve spent years restoring to their former glory! But some events can be a long way from home, and if you’re competing in a race, you don’t want to wear out your vehicle (and yourself!) before you even get there. Trusted classic car transport is the most sensible option to get to and from car rallies and shows in Australia. You supervise as your vehicle is carefully loaded onto the truck and rest assured that it won’t come off again until it arrives at the event.

Your car needs to be moved to a specialist mechanic

If your car is truly one of a kind, it may require service’s to be carried out by a specialist mechanic. You’d be surprised at how far people will travel to have their classic and unique vehicles maintained by a trusted individual! However, if repairs are required out of the blue, it may be difficult to take time out of your busy schedule to drive your car to your mechanic. Door to Door Car Carrying can get it there securely and promptly.

Your car has broken down a long way from home

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and sometimes car crashes occur while you’re on holiday, a long way from home. If your vehicle can be repaired, you may choose to get it done at a mechanic close to where the accident occurred. But if you need to be home by a certain date, you won’t be able to wait around for new parts to be ordered and refitted. Alternatively, you can choose to have your broken car interstate transported back to your house, or straight to a mechanic in your state of residence. Door to Door Car Carrying has all the equipment needed to secure a damaged vehicle, as long as it’s still able to be rolled onto the truck.

You’re gifting a car to a family member who lives interstate

Let’s end on a joyous note! You’ve purchased a new car and want to gift your old one to a family member who lives interstate. This is often the case with parents who have children studying at university. Getting the old family car is often a rite of passage for a P-plater living on campus at uni! Avoid putting more KM’s on the mileage by having the car transported professionally. You’ll also want to carry out a rigorous safety check on the vehicle before shipping it off to your son or daughter, and don’t want to risk undoing this work before it even arrives at their door. This way, the car can be delivered with a full tank, enough oil, and water for the windscreen wipers (because let’s face it, they might not know how to check all these things yet).

Entrust Australia-wide car relocation to Door to Door Car Carrying. Contact us today for a free car transport quote.