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Because of their sentimental value and awe-inspiring exterior, it’s important to take the time to find a vehicle transporter who cares about your classic car as much as you do.

Why use Door to Door Car Carrying?

At Door to Door Car Carrying, we’re meticulous about making sure that your classic car is relocated safely and securely. We’ll liaise with you about your move every step of the way and ensure that you’re always informed about where you car is and what condition it is in. We even offer on-site pickup and delivery to your door!

Whether you’re:

  • Moving your classic car to your next holiday destination
  • Transporting a fleet of classic cars to a club event
  • Requiring first-rate service for a classic car show or private exhibition
  • Looking to purchase a classic car from another state
  • Needing fast delivery for a non-running classic car
  • Or relocating to a new home with your pride and joy in tow

Move with a car company that has 10 years of experience, superior customer service, and reliable delivery times.

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We’re experts at transporting classic cars

From iconic Jaguars and charming Singers to old and rusty project cars, we’re well-versed at moving all sorts of brands, models, and makes of classic cars. We’ve moved non-running classic cars, convertible cars with soft top roofs, classic cars with immaculate paint jobs, cars with no windows, even cars with no engines!

Whatever condition your classic car is in, with Door to Door Car Carrying you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of specialists.

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Transporting Classic Cars, Get a free quote

For detailed information about how we can help you move your classic car (or another vehicle), call us today on 1800 366 723. Or jump online to get a free quote!


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