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Transport your Car to your Next Holiday

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Ever been on a road trip with your family and wished you had taken a flight instead?

Driving long distances can be taxing on your car and your relationships. From hyperactive kids to restless pets, restricted space and long stretches of empty Australian countryside, travelling to and from your holiday destination can seem more like a chore than a relaxing getaway. Here are some reasons why you should skip the drive and transport your car instead:


Less wear and tear

Driving long distances quickly racks up the mileage on your car, wears your tyres down, and works your engine hard. Without extended pit stops (especially if you and your significant other just swap places and continue driving), your car will get a real workout. In some cases, this means that you may not even make it to your destination.

Save money on extended holidays

Long holidays quickly add up in price. Between flights, accommodation, food, and tourist attractions, taking on extra car hire fees with large deposits and costs can cause unwanted financial strain. In many cases, transporting your own car to your holiday destination actually works out to be cheaper. And less stressful!

Accessible and special-needs modifications

For some families, it would be impossible to go away on a holiday without their car. For example, without wheelchair access, the ability to remove the front seat, door extensions, seatbelt retractors, ample space, motorised ramps, hand controls, and other disability functions, people with conditions that limit their movement would be forced to stay at home. With Door to Door’ Car Carrying’s car moving service, it’s easy to include everyone in your holiday!

Take your large family car

Sometimes your car is so lived-in you would be lost without it. For families with large cars, extra seats, and custom fitted baby carriers, it’s simply just easier to transport your own car to your destination rather than hire a new car. You don’t have to bother with baby seats you don’t know how to use, worry about staining the seats, or figure out how to adjust unfamiliar seating arrangements.

Have your pets with you

For pet lovers, it’s not uncommon to have built-in enclosures for your favourite furry animals in the rear of your car. And while you appreciate their quirky dribbling and funny back scratching, many car hire companies refuse to let animals in their hire cars because of fur and mess. If you love your pets as much as you love travelling, then transporting your car to your holiday destination makes perfect sense!

Elderly drivers need not drive long distances

Many elderly drivers struggle to drive for long periods of time, due to fatigue and other factors, but would prefer to have a car they know and trust at their destination rather than a hire car. Most hire cars offer advanced technological features, like GPS, built-in phone functionality and music streaming services, which some elderly people do not need or would prefer not to worry about. Flying by plane allows for hassle-free, safe travel. Any medical equipment you require can be left in your car.

Have your luxury vehicle waiting when you arrive

For those who prefer to travel in comfort or their vintage, classic or collectible car, hiring a car at your destination does not offer the same perks as driving your baby. And if your car has special security features that you can’t get in any other car. Why compromise on luxury when you can take your own car with you?

Airport Transfers

In Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane Door to Door Car Carrying has an Airport transfer service, so you and your family will be taken to or picked up from the Airport while your car is held in a secure location.

Transport your car

Looking to transport your car interstate? Contact Door to Door Car Carrying today!