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Preparing Your Car for Transportation

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Whether you need to move a fleet of classic cars to a club event or your beloved family car to a holiday destination, successful vehicle transportation requires thorough planning and research.


In this article, we take a look at how to prepare your car for travel and minimise the risks associated with vehicle transportation.

1. Inspect your car for existing damage

At Door to Door Car Carrying, our main focus is on customer service and safety. Before we transport your car, we always recommend completing a quick vehicle condition survey to ensure that your car arrives at your destination in the same condition that it was collected in.

Some things that you might like to check for (and document with photographs) include:

  • Chips, dents, scratches, cracked windows or other cosmetic damage.
  • Leaks and mechanical problems.
  • Issues with your spoilers, fog lights, side mirrors and antenna.
  • Problems with your steering wheel, brakes or ignition.
  • Weather related damage (e.g. from hail stones or rust).
  • Outstanding wear and tear.

2. Make sure your car is road-worthy

Though your car will be driven minimally during transport, it’s still important that it is in good driving condition. For example, you should make sure that your car has a fully charged battery, inflated tyres and rolling wheels, workable steering, functioning brakes, and plenty of water and oil. It is also a great time to ensure that your car is insured, and please make sure that your car alarm system is fully disabled and you have removed your toll tag!

3. Make arrangements for non-running cars and rolling chassis

If your car is inoperable or non-running, that is okay too! At Door to Door Car Carrying, we move all types of vehicles: damaged, broken, collectables, four wheel drives, trucks, caravans, and more. However, when your car is non-running, we need to know in advance to ensure that the proper preparations are made. This might include making arrangements for us to pick up your non-running vehicle from your home or business and drop it off at another home or business once we reach your destination.

4. Remove any personal belongings you are worried about

At Door to Door Car Carrying, we have no problems with you leaving your personal belongings in your car. From your GPS to your emergency first aid kit, child’s car seat, garage door openers, and parking passes, all items are okay. However, many customers prefer to remove their valuable personal belongings for peace of mind.

Preparing your car for transportation

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