For many motoring enthusiasts, owning a restored classic car is a dream they’ve been working years, if not decades, to fulfil. While some people love getting their hands dirty and self-restoring a classic car, this can sometimes add even more years to your dream. It usually takes at least two years to self-restore a car. If you’ve just imported or bought a vintage vehicle and you want to take it out on the road for a spin, then those extra years could feel like an eternity.

If that’s you, then you need to hire a classic car restorer. Experts in rebuilding and restoring vintage cars, these specialists can help you get your prized vehicle on the road sooner. Read on to find out exactly what a classic car restorer does.


What does a classic car restorer do?

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Classic car restorers are specialists and experts in restoring vintage cars, trucks, motorbikes and anything motoring. Some will even restore your vintage tractor! Just like you, they have a passion for vintage and classic automobiles. Classic car restorers have the skills and expertise to return your vintage car to its former glory. They know how to give your vintage car that retro look that you are looking for. From rebuilding the engine to a fresh paint job, classic car restorers know how to bring your prized vintage car to life.


They have the contacts

If your classic car restorer can’t do it, then they sure know someone who can. One of the hardest aspects of self-restoring your vintage car is doing it all. Maybe you don’t know how to rebuild the engine, or you are struggling to find an original badge?

An expert classic car restorer will have the contacts that can help. They’ll know who to call for a specific part or where to go for a difficult restoration job. For some people, they love the challenge and learning involved in restoring a vintage car. But if you just want to get your classic car onto the road for a long road trip or a scenic drive, then you don’t have the time for a challenge. Let a car restoration expert with the contacts do that for you!


They often have less waiting time than general workshops

Transporting Vintage Cars With Care

When it comes to owning a vintage vehicle, time is everything. You’ve just spent all this money to import it from the United States, and now it’s just going to sit in a workshop waiting to be repaired? No way! You want to get out on the road.

General workshops often have a backlog of jobs, which means you might have to wait a long time. That’s not their fault, it’s just that they may be working on 30 cars at any time. Usually though, if your car has to sit in a workshop, waiting to be restored, then that is costing you both time and money.

A dedicated classic car restorer will be able to take your car from start to finish, saving you the effort of going from shop to shop and saving you a fortune in workshop storage costs.


Get your car delivered straight to a restorer’s door

At Door to Door Carrying, we are experts in classic car transport and non-running car transport. Whether your imported Camaro needs a rebuilt engine, or maybe you just don’t want to sully your Spitfire, we can take your vintage car from just about anywhere right to a car restorer’s door – and then back to yours! No need for expensive storage costs or long waiting times. Just the pure enjoyment of your classic car.

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