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Fun ideas for a second vehicle to buy

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Fun ideas for a second vehicle, a modern car with a good safety rating is a sensible necessity for getting from A to B. But sometimes it can lack the exciting features that we really want, but aren’t practical for the standard family vehicle. Which is why, if you have the budget, a second car can come in handy. From practical uses, to pure enjoyment, check out these additional auto options.


There’s nothing more Aussie on wheels than a ute, so buying one is not only practical; it’s patriotic. There are a few main benefits of buying a modern ute. They’re built to carry anything large or heavy, if the tray gets dirty you can easily wash it and you can have the safety features, as well as the accessories, that you find in luxury cars.


If you’re regularly called upon to transport people, equipment, luggage or any other paraphernalia, then a van could be a practical purchase. They have some advantages over utes in that what you’re transporting is protected from the elements. They also come with lots of space and stowable seats, making them more flexible for different needs.

Classic Car

A popular choice for a second vehicle is a classic car. You may purchase it for a refurbishment project, or as a fully functional vehicle that you can drive from the get-go. It’s best to buy a classic car because you love it rather than to make money out of it. While many classic cars do retain their value, the maintenance and storage costs of owning one can add up. It definitely helps to be mechanically minded, or know a great mechanic, if you buy a vintage vehicle.


Convertibles are the epitome of cool. It’s basically any kind of car with a fold down or detachable roof, that can convert from closed to open-air mode as soon as the sun comes out. Driving a convertible, for many, is a particularly thrilling encounter. The wind rushing through your hair as you propel down the highway or along a winding coastal road can offer a distinct sense of freedom and exhilaration.

Vintage Race Car

Sports car racing of the late 50s and 60s holds a particular kind of fascination for many people and it’s possible to get in on the action with the purchase of a vintage race car. There are lots of events held all over Australia (Targa Tasmania, for instance) and racetracks where you can participate in timed challenges, plus hill sprints and touring routes. Even if you don’t plan to get involved in vintage racing, bringing your sports car back to the streets is also an option.


If you’re looking for a more space-effective method of transport, motorbikes are a smart option. Ideal for zipping around car build-ups in peak hour traffic, and easy to store and park, they’re a great choice for individuals or couples. Not to mention that they’re also exciting to ride, and can give off a distinctly James Dean vibe. Just make sure you wear the right safety gear and observe caution when riding! If you don’t have a motorbike license check out how to get one.

Go Kart

Go Karting is a popular sport in Australia and if you’re an enthusiast then making the move from hiring, to owning one is a logical step. Second hand go karts are just as efficient and reliable as a new ones, but be sure to use a reputable dealer.

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