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Experience Targa Tasmania on the Targa Tour event

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From April 24 to April 29, 2017, Tasmania will host the thrilling spectacle of the Targa Tasmania

This ultimate six-day tarmac car rally is one of a kind in Australia and is one of the largest in the world, attracting a plethora of luxury touring, sports and GT cars with names such as Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini in the lineup. One of the categories of this rally is the Targa Tour, which we’ll cover in more detail.

The Targa Tasmania has a number of different competitive and non-competitive categories, one of which is the Targa Tour event. It’s a non-specific vehicle event, so any type of car, from classic to sporty, that dates from 1 January 1900 can enter. It is also classed as a team event, with a driver and a co-driver. The driver is in charge of keeping to the signposted speed limits, and the co-driver is the navigator.

The Targa Tour follows the same course as the other Targa Tasmania categories, namely over closed roads, scenic routes and mountain passes, with various stages that must be completed along the route. The competitive categories, such as the TSD Trophy, the GT Sports Trophy, and the Vintage, Classic, Early Modern, and GT Full Competition, are timed. However, for the Targa Tour, which is a non-competitive event, it’s all about experiencing the journey, though finishers do get awarded medallions.

The race organisers class the Targa Tour as the ‘Ultimate Driving Experience’, adding that drivers ‘will rub shoulders with legends, feel the rush of the corners, the exhilaration of mountainous roads and enjoy a bonding journey like no other.’

When entering the Targa Tour, your entry fee will include the following:

  • Road Books for all stages and touring stages.
  • Competitor Lanyards and official ‘Invitation to compete.’
  • Participation in each stage of the event.
  • Complimentary entry ticket to the official Welcome Party for Driver and Co-Driver.
  • Lunch on each full day of the competition for Driver and Co-Driver
  • A set of vinyl number plates, except for the Targa Tasmania, where you will be issued with metal number plates, and vehicle door panels.
  • Competitor briefing.
  • Luggage service to follow the event.
  • Finisher’s Medallion for Driver and Co-Driver (upon completion of the event).

To enter the Targa Tour, you need a road registered vehicle, and you’ll need to pay an entry fee before the 31st of March. Both driver and navigator need a minimum CAMS Level 2 non-speed licence, click here for a CAMS Licence application form.

For the current Targa Tour entry fees click here. For more information on the Targa Tour visit Targa Tasmania.