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Find Car Parts for Vintage Cars in Australia

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Finding unique vintage parts for your classic car can turn into a headache if you aren’t a keen treasure hunter. Whether you’re in the middle of a lengthy car restoration project, or you need to replace a hard-to-find component of your club or rally car, the search for the best deal can be lengthy. We’ve put together a list of places in Australia where you can track down those elusive yet vital parts that complete your rare vehicle.

Unique Cars and Parts.

Unique Cars and Parts is one of the largest online buy-and-sell forums for hard-to-find car parts within Australia. You can browse their extensive ‘parts for sale’ section by category, or post a ‘wanted’ ad for the specific vintage car parts you’re looking for. They also have a performance parts section for modified vehicles, and you can search from a wide range of accessories too. Aside from the massive buy-and-sell section of their website, they also have a directory of mechanics and parts suppliers with shopfronts and workshops all over Australia. You can search for a parts supplier service in your area, or according to the make and model of the components you require. A handy tool for any classic car collector or restorer!

About Time Spares.

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About Time Spares is a NSW-based mail-order business specialising in new old stock car parts. They’ve been in the game for eighteen years and know how to get their hands on unique vintage car components. They stock parts from manufacturers such as Valiant, Triumph, Morris, MG, Holden, Daewoo, Jaguar, Chevrolet and Bedford. Many of the parts that About Time Spares stocks range from thirty to eighty years old, and have been sourced from closed down dealerships and auctions. Some are genuine manufacturer parts and others are aftermarket brand parts.

Just Parts.

Just Parts is another sizeable online buy-and-sell forum for car collectors and restorers. They aren’t limited to only cars either; parts are sold for trucks, boats, caravans and motorcycles too. Their range of classic car parts isn’t as extensive as other websites, but they do have a fair variety of vintage motorcycle parts, which can be difficult to come by. You’ll need to get the knack of using the search refinements so that you don’t have to sift through modern parts to find what you’re after. Once this is done, the website is easy enough to navigate and can throw up some decent results.


Ah, eBay. The hit and miss of car parts. Some restorers love it, and others loathe it. One thing is for sure; you have to be wary when using it and vet sellers as best you can. And always, always have a Paypal account for secure money transfers! It’s true that you can find very good deals on eBay for classic car parts, especially through the bidding system. Just make sure you search for parts within Australia if you don’t want to be subject to astronomical shipping fees and import taxes. If you’re looking for large car parts, ruling out overseas sellers will save you a lot of headaches. There are so many shipping restrictions for international postage, and these vary from country to country. It can be difficult to stay on top of them all. Worse yet, your parts could get stuck at customs for ages, and you may need to pay hefty import taxes to have them released. Exercise caution when using eBay, and try and buy from sellers that you’ve heard good things about from other automotive collectors and restorers.

Consulting your car club.

The best place by far for recommendations on trustworthy suppliers of rare parts for vintage vehicles is from members of classic car clubs. Nothing beats a good word of mouth reputation! If you aren’t part of a club already, consider joining one in your city or neighbourhood. Being a member of a car club is not only a great social activity but also the perfect place to talk shop about your latest restoration and get some helpful tips on where to find unique parts. Attending classic car rallies also offers an excellent opportunity for finding parts suppliers, especially since many of these events include trade stalls set up by local businesses.

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