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Best angles when photographing your car

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Best angles when photographing your car, are you looking to sell your car online? You’re going to need some high-quality photos. But not everyone can afford a professional photographer, so it looks like it may just be up to you and your iPhone. But never fear! You’re more than capable of taking a convincing snap that’ll have buyers flocking to bid on your vehicle. Just follow these simple tips.

1. Always check the reflection

Before you start getting trigger happy with your camera, always ensure that you check what’s reflecting off your shiny car (yes, you should have washed it, dried it with a chamois, and maybe even waxed it, until it shines!). You don’t want to spend ages setting up the perfect shot and taking 20 pics, just to realise that everyone can see you gangsta squatting in the reflection of the car door. Amateur move. If it seems like your reflection is everywhere no matter what angle you attempt, try taking photos at a different time of day, in a different spot, or follow tip 2.

2. Invest in a tripod

This doesn’t have to be a super expensive tripod. If you’re just using your iPhone, you can pick up cheap bendy tripods, made specifically to hold phones, at just about any discount store. These can be wrapped around things like street posts and tree branches, as well as stood up on their on own, so it gives you plenty of angles to work with. Alternatively, you could try putting your selfie stick to good use (but remember, you’re not selling yourself and your car as a package deal, so no actual selfies!), which may assist you in reaching higher angles that miss your shadow or reflection.

3. The three-quarter shot is best

The first essential shot that you should have of your car is one where you can see almost the entire vehicle. We’ll get to the arty close-ups later. It’s essential that a prospective buyer can see the car as a whole. The three-quarter shot is best taken by walking four or five paces diagonally away from either the left or right-hand side of the bonnet. Try squatting down and tilting the camera up a little, ensuring that the entire vehicle is in the frame. This type of shot will give buyers a good view of both the front and the side of the car.

4. Have more than just one photo

This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people only put up one photo of their car and expect it to sell. Ensure you have photos of the sides, back and front. A high angle shot from above is also useful so that the buyer can see the condition of the paint and panelling on the roof (another angle where the selfie stick comes in handy!). 

5. Take your interior shots in natural light

Interior shots are also essential. But never, ever take these at night. Sure, you may have seen some great images like this in car magazines, but those photos are taken by expert photographers with incredibly good cameras and professional studio lighting. If you try and recreate this on your iPhone, it’ll most likely end up coming out grainy and blurred. The best way to do this is during the day, in an area where lots of natural light is flooding through the windows. Try taking a few snaps with the camera positioned right up near the roof of the front passenger door frame (the side closest to the back seat rather than the windscreen), angling down towards the steering wheel. To get a good shot of the dash and odometer, rest your camera on the driver’s seat headrest and angle down.

6. If you’ve got good wheels, give them a little extra love

Does your car have amazing rims? Now is the time to show them off. You’re going to have to practice planking because getting down low is critical to producing a top-notch snap of your wheels. But we promise, being up close and personal with the gravel on the road will be worth it. Take a slight angle when positioning the shot, rather than photographing your wheels front on. This allows you to get two wheels in the frame and looks more professional.

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Best angles when photographing your car

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