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Finding Buyers For Unique Cars and How To Get The Best Price

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Finding buyers for unique cars, If you’re selling a classic car and you want to get the right buyer, then you’ll need to put in some effort when it comes to marketing it.

Finding buyers for unique cars, selling a classic car is a bit different from selling a modern car. There are some guidelines to follow if you want to get top dollar. Below we’ll go through some of the necessary steps to get the best price.

Step 1

Even if you’re handy with a spanner, it’s a good idea to get your car checked for a second opinion. If there are minor repairs you need to have done. You can then advertise your car with a clear conscience, and quote a higher selling price too. Ensure your car is cleaned, polished and ready to view at a moment’s notice.

Step 2

If you have them, gather all the paperwork and documentation for the car, such as photos, ownership papers and maintenance receipts so that they can be inspected by a potential purchaser.

Step 3

The price you quote should be suited to the type of classic car you have. Undertake some research online and find out what price other people are asking for your make and model. Remember that the resale value is higher the more original features are on the car and they’ve been well maintained. You want to negotiate a good deal, so quote an asking price that’s slightly higher than what the vehicle’s worth.

If your car is a current hot seller, then you may be able to price it 10% to 20% above the market price. If you’re unsure how to price, hire a professional appraiser who specialises in classic cars.

Step 4

Your car may be sporty, valuable or attractive, but if it’s not advertised properly it may not sell. The key is to advertise it across a wide range of media so it’s exposed to as large an audience as possible. This includes a variety of online sites, online classic car forums, local newspapers, local car enthusiast groups and car shows. Also contact car dealers in your area to see if they’re interested in purchasing your vehicle. Friends and family may also be useful in spreading the word.

Step 5

When advertising online always highlight the best features of the car to justify the price you’re charging. Upload a variety of pictures of the exterior and interior so that potential buyers can see every angle of the car.

Step 6

When you hook a potential buyer, always respond promptly and provide a viewing time and location that’s convenient for both parties. The easier you make it for buyers to access your car, the faster it will sell.

Step 7

If your car is particularly valuable and an antique, going through a broker or an auction house is often the best route. You may have to pay them a percentage of the sale price, but you’ll be targeting the right audience who will pay what your car is worth.

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