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Why the Holden EH is a favorite among collectors

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The Holden EH has been a favourite among collectors ever since it was produced by General Motors-Holden’s back in 1963. The classic design and robust nature of the vehicle has seen it continuously grow in value over the past 50 years.

There are a number of EH fan clubs around Australia – one in every state in fact!

So what’s all the fuss about? Why is this particular model so popular? And why has it stayed so prominent in the car-enthusiast scene over the years? Read ahead to find out.


The birth of “Australia’s Own Car”

The EH was built as a replacement for the EJ series in 1963. It was the very first model to be installed with Holden’s new six-cylinder ‘red’ engine; setting it apart from not only other Holden vehicles but other car manufacturers’ as well.

It also embodied a number of new accessories and extras, including options for buyers to personalise their own vehicles. These new features, mixed with the car’s practicality and durability, made it an Aussie favourite from the get go.

While Holden’s renowned “Australia’s Own Car” slogan was conceived a whole 15 years prior, many will agree that their EH was the first model to really earn this title.

Approximately 257,000 Holden EH cars were produced between 1963 and 1965, before the HD series took over.

The Range

The EH was produced in nine different models, each offering a slightly different set of features to buyers.

  • Standard sedan
  • Standard Station Sedan
  • Special Sedan
  • Special Station Sedan
  • S4 Special Sedan
  • Premier Sedan
  • Premier Station Sedan
  • Utility
  • Panel Van


So what’s so good about it?

While not the fastest or best handled car of its time, the EH had enough specialities to win over the hearts (and bank accounts) of millions.

The EH Holden Car Club of Victoria believes their enduring popularity is a result of them being “cheap, practical, relatively quick, economical, easy to use, and ideal for modification”.

And many would agree.





  • 2442 cc & 2934 cc in-line OHV six cylinder
  • The ‘red engine’ is simple yet adaptable
  • Can be tuned for performance, turbocharged or reconditioned


  • Either three-speed manual or three-speed automatic


  • Independent suspension with coil springs
  • Upper & lower control arms
  • Telescopic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar at front
  • Telescopic shock absorbers and live axle at back


  • Four wheel drums and optional power assistance


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