If you’re keen on testing the mettle of your 4WD, then you’re in the right place. Australia has some of the best off-road driving tracks in the world.


From crazy creek crossings, to deep muddy ruts, you’re spoiled for choice for giving your 4WD a good workout. We check some of the toughest and dirtiest on offer.

Ellis Track in Wesburn, Victoria

If you want a white-knuckle adventure then tackle the Ellis Track. It’s been voted the most difficult 4WD track in Australia, and it’s only 3.5 km long! It is situated near Melbourne and accessed via Tarrango Rd just east of Yarra Junction. Highlights include huge ruts, massive boulders and red clay that’s slippery when wet. In fact, getting from start to finish can be a mission if it’s been raining and people usually need to get winched out. If you value your vehicle then you may not want to attempt this track, and best to leave it to the seasoned veterans.

CREB Track in Cape York

CREB Track is a 77 km service access track in Cape York that’s challenging for 4WDs because of its steep, slippery slopes and rainforest creek crossings. It begins in Daintree Village, heads through the Daintree rainforest and finishes in Wujal Wujal, an Aboriginal community. As well as being an extremely scenic track featuring waterfalls, streams and ridge top views, it is also not for amateur drivers. During the wet season the CREB Track is usually closed as track conditions become extremely unsafe.

Old Telegraph Track in Cape York

This is another rough and ready track for 4WD fans in Cape York, which is considered a top off-road driving destination. If you can conquer the Old Telegraph Track and its Gunshot Creek crossing then you’ll be pretty stoked. The 64km track can be approached from both ends, and features a number of washed out creek crossings if it has been a big wet season, steep descents and uneven track. The creek crossing with the biggest reputation is called ‘Gunshot’ which requires extreme care, as it is a near vertical descent into a river via a narrow boulder cavity. Sheer courage is needed to complete this manoeuvre!

Glasshouse Mountains

One of Queensland’s best kept 4WD secrets is in the Glasshouse Mountains 70 km north of Brisbane. If your 4×4 is up to the task then there are plenty of challenging trails in here with big ruts, deep mud holes and steep inclines to try and negotiate. One of the most challenging is called Big Red and takes around 3 to 5 hours to drive. It is best not to attempt Glasshouse Mountain tracks after a lot of rain. The wet clay makes driving near impossible and getting wedged in the mud is highly likely, so you’ll be in for a time-consuming rescue.

Toughest 4×4 tracks

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