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Times are changing

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Its not been an easy road for people at home and abroad, and our thoughts go out to those that have been lost.
But however you may be feeling towards what’s happening here and around the world today, just remember at some point we will regain some form of normality.


Life beyond the quarantine

Life beyond the quarantine

Now could be the perfect time to re-evaluate your current situation, perhaps a new plan for the next 5 years is in order.
Maybe it’s time to get those things done on that list you’ve been meaning to get to, or that renovation you’ve been talking about with the family, get them involved, teach them what you know, you may be surprised and could even learn something yourself.
Share your knowledge so it carries through to the next generation.


Getting back to normal

classic aussie cars

With the quarantine lock downs being lifted, people are beginning to move around more, getting out to visit family in person is always nicer than staring at a screen, perhaps for coffee and a chat or just a simple how are you.
During this time, it is wise to remember that safety and health is a priority.
Things to keep in mind when moving around:
Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car.
Wet wipes are always good to have around.
Use disposable gloves when handling fuel pumps at the servo.
Use tap and go card payment rather than cash.
Keep safe, stay safe and travel safe.


Family time with games

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Games can be so much fun with family members and they can also build stronger bonds.
Traditional board games bring back the feeling of common interaction with family, however today’s games are far more immersive, they can get you lost on another world, race in a grand prix or fly through the air like a bird, maybe it’s time to not only teach the tactics of a board game, but also learn how to play games of a digital nature.
Could be something as simple as having a picnic on the lawn with loved ones while playing a game of cards, throwing a frisbee or a good old fashioned game of cricket.


Road trip your region

VW Kombi

Everyone reaches a point of that’s enough!
When you get there, and heavens know we all do, it may be time to step outside and take a breath of fresh air, from time to time we need that outside space, it keeps us in tune with life and brings us back to earth.
It could be time to see the sights in your area that you’ve always wanted to visit but never got around to, perhaps there’s a waterfall you’d like to share with the family, or that old car parked in the paddock you drive by all the time, maybe just a drive to clear the mind.
Whatever you come up with, just remember you don’t have to go where there’s a lot of people to enjoy the outdoors, in fact it’s quite the opposite.
Be wise, be safe.

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