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Small boats: the perfect choice for aspiring sea-dogs

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Dreaming of life on the sea but don’t know where to start? Look no further; we’ve collected a list of the best small boats for aspiring sea-dogs.

f you’re overwhelmed by the multitude of makes and models available, take it back to basics and decide what type of material you would like your boat to be constructed from.

The most common materials for construction are fibreglass and aluminium.


Aluminium is generally used in entry-level, lightweight trailer boats. These small aluminium boats, otherwise known as tinnies, are great for rivers with calm waters, lakes and estuaries.


Used in mostly yachts and cruisers, fibreglass boats are more substantial than their aluminium counterparts. However, they do need a little more care, as fibreglass is more prone to chipping or cracking while aluminium will merely dent.

Boat styles

Cuddy cabins

The perfect combination of performance and versatility, a cuddy cabin has an enclosed below deck cabin which can double as extra storage or a sleeping area. In this boat, you’ll be able to enjoy activities such as watersports, cruising or entertaining.

Bass Boats

If you love fishing, this is the boat for you. Avid anglers will have plenty of options to cast a line with a platform at both the stern and bow as well as movable pedestal chairs. Bass boats also feature live-wells with aerated water which keep catch alive all day. Made from fibreglass or aluminium, these boats are designed with a low profile and pack plenty of horsepower.


The Bowrider is an extremely versatile boat and is ideal for the whole family. These boats take their name from the spacious seating at the bow of the boat and can generally fit around eight passengers. In a Bowrider, you’ll be able to go on cruises, fishing adventures or even play away the day with towable water sports.


Dinghies are perfect for fishing and to explore local and shallow waters due to their small size and minimal depth. Made from a variety of materials including fibreglass, aluminium and inflatable, you’ll be able to get a dinghy to suit your needs.

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