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Shitbox Rally: raising money using old cars and team spirit

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Ever wondered what it would be like to drive across central Australia in a car worth $1000?

Normally, we wouldn’t recommend it; it’s both dangerous and reckless. But in a convoy of over 200 other contestants, it’s just plain fun!


What is this rather rude-sounding event?

The Australian Shitbox Rally is as crass as it is charitable. It’s not so much a race, as it is a raucous challenge designed to raise money for cancer research. The rules are simple: teams of two will drive a car worth no more than $1000 ($500 of this is covered by the event organisers) from Adelaide to Cairns. The car must not be a 4WD, and basically must be as shit as possible while still functioning. The team must fundraise a minimum of $4000 to begin their journey (though many teams will guilt, connive and pressure their friends, families and workmates into clearing out their loose change to raise more) and all proceeds will go to the Cancer Council to fund research into finding a cure.


Is this event for the faint hearted?

This is where we implore a loud and resounding NO! This event is for the adventure-seekers, the ones made of hardy stuff, and the plain ludicrous. It’s for that friend that always tells the best stories over a round of beers. If you’re considering undertaking this mean feat, we’ve put together the best combination for your team.

Teammate one: Knows their distributor from their coil. Gets their hands dirty. Isn’t afraid to experiment. Carries him or herself with a little bit of reckless abandon backed up by sound knowledge. Will often be heard saying “just give it a go, she’ll be right”.

Teammate two: Knows how to drive and maybe how to change a tyre. Has an incredible amount of team spirit. Dresses a bit like Dame Edna. Provides the ‘lol’s and rolls with the punches. Is often described by friends as “the one with the crazy eyes.”

With these team dynamics, you can’t go wrong! Oh, also, you’re only allowed two to a team because you may need that extra space in your back seat for the teams whose shitboxes don’t quite make it the entire journey. This rally is all about good old fashioned Aussie camaraderie!


So, where are we going?

The 2017 Shitbox Rally will take you via the Oodnadatta Track & Plenty Highway, through central Australia. It’s going to be hot during the day and bloody cold during the night – so pack for extremities! Contestants shouldn’t expect 5-star accommodation either; this is more of a swag, dust and billy can kind of journey. But on the upside, your grub will be taken care of and you’ll enjoy views like no other!


…Is there actually a winner?

We consider anyone who makes it over the finish line a winner and really, anyone foolish enough to undertake the journey in the first place! In saying that, one team will be awarded first place – judged on team spirit, fundraising capabilities, how shit their car is, and many other deciding factors that the judges tend to make up along the way. As we’ve disclosed previously, this rally isn’t for the massively competitive (though a healthy dose of competition will go a long way in increasing motivation). It’s for those looking to give it a solid go, help a mate out, and go the long haul for a good cause.


Sound like the perfect rally for you? Find out more information here. Need to get your shitbox couriered from home to the event (you don’t want to wear it out before you even start!)? Contact Door to Door car carrying for a quote.