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Set up your jet ski for your next fishing adventure

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If you’re a keen fisherman or fisherwoman and like the idea of a craft that offers both ease of use and versatility, then you may want to think about using a jet ski as a fishing platform.

Yes, fishing from a jet ski these days is a popular sport and modern jet skis are well up to the challenges of speed, stability and distance required by a normal fishing boat. Keep reading to find out more about how to set up your jet ski for a fishing adventure.


Why Fish From A Jet Ski?

Jet skis have a bit of a bad rep as being a rich boys toy for hoons that give no consideration to sailors or swimmers. But times have changed. A larger three-seater jet ski actually makes an incredibly convenient fishing vessel for lakes, rivers and the ocean. It’s easy for one person to launch and retrieve by themselves, and you don’t need a big 4WD to tow it. They also save time with post-boating care with just a hose down at the end of the day.

As well as being an adrenaline fueled ride that puts you in touch with nature, a jet ski fishing trip can be more spur of the moment as you don’t need to organise a crew. If you want company you could easily go soft-bait fishing with a friend or one of your children riding behind.


What Kind of Jet Ski is Best for Fishing?

The Yamaha FXHO Waverunner is a good example of an ideal jet ski for fishing. This three-seater jet ski has ample fishing room and offers incredible stability so you can handle any kind of fish and even fish standing up in calm conditions without a noticeable lean. It has a total of 125.5 litres of storage which is mostly under the hood up front, along with further storage under the rear seat and in the glovebox near the steering column.

Adjustable handlebars, cruise control and responsivity make manoeuvring out on the water an enjoyable experience. It also has great fuel economy, providing 160 kms worth of travel from its 70 litre tank, so you can quickly cover a lot of ground and have the ability to fish in a variety of locations for different fish species.


How To Set Up Your Jet Ski For Fishing

You’ll need to properly setup your jet ski to provide everything necessary for a day of fishing. Here are some essential pieces of equipment:

1. GPS Fish Finder

One of the most important pieces of kit for any serious fisherman or fisherwoman is a waterproof GPS-sounder fish finder, mounted in the lid of the glovebox so it is always in view, and so you always know where the fish are biting.

2. Bait Station

At the rear of the jet ski you’ll need a bait-station. A solid stainless-steel unit is a good choice to accommodate your rod holders, along with a 55 or 70 litre eski bin for the resulting catch. The Yamaha’s inbuilt stowage consists of watertight compartments and lockers, so there’s no problems keeping your gear dry.

3. Safety Equipment

Despite your jet ski’s reliability, as in a boat, it pays to always carry safety equipment as you just never know when an emergency situation will arise. Always wear a life-vest, a mobile phone, a waterproof VHF radio, and a personal locator beacon. The VHF and beacon should be strapped to your PFD so they are always at hand.

4. Suitable Clothing

Wetsuit bottoms and a sunproof shirt, polar fleece, or a full wetsuit are best for sun safety and comfort. Wrap around sunglasses or ski goggles are good for keeping the spray out of your eyes or if it happens to rain. Watercraft riding boots or water shoes will also help you gain your sea legs. Gloves will assist you to maintain a secure grip and don’t forget to slip, slop, slap with waterproof sunscreen.

Set up your jet ski

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