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Security to protect your classic car

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So you’ve bought a classic car and have spent countless hours and pennies revamping it. The last thing you want is for some rotten crook to jack open your door, jumpstart your pride and joy, and leave without a trace.

Luckily, there are a handful of decent car security systems and devices which will prevent this very thing from happening. We take you through a few of our top picks.


The Ravelco security system acts as a second key for your car. Basically, you can’t turn your vehicle on without first placing a plug in the socket installed near your dash. Each plug has 16 pins and there are over 100,000 combinations, none of which are the same for any two Ravelcos. When you turn off your car, your plug stays on your key ring just like your normal car keys.

The Ravelco security system comes with a lifetime warranty and the guarantee that in 41 years of operation, not one car that it has been installed in has been stolen!

The Club

Now we know what you’re thinking, this contraption doesn’t necessarily live up to all the bells and whistles that come with modern day car alarms and motion sensors. But the problem is that many classic cars do not have the specs for contemporary car alarms to be installed in their hardware.

Just one look at the club, however, could be enough to deter a would-be thief from stealing your car over the one next to it. That might sound heartless, but it’s a dog eat dog world out there my friend! And if there are easy pickings nearby, a crook will bypass your vehicle for the next available.

The club is sturdy, bright and recognisable. It locks onto your steering wheel by key and will limit its turning radius. It won’t, of course, prevent someone from smashing your windows and jacking your sound system. But it will prevent them from taking the entire car.


The Coplock works much the same as the club but locks your brakes instead of your steering wheel. If the car is a manual, it’ll lock the clutch. The brakes are much sturdier than the steering wheel of a car, making it more difficult for thieves to cut around the device. Another pro of the device is that it’s relatively cheap, unlike most electronic car devices.

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned and reliable security device, the coplock might be for you.

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