Scammers targeting online vehicle buyers

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Scammers targeting online vehicle buyers.

Scammers are targeting online vehicle purchases. With offers of a great deal with transport included, only for the buyer to discover the sale is a fake.

With this scam buyers are being told that Door to Door Car Carrying is transporting the vehicle. Please be aware of these claims as a lot of people have been scammed this way.

Do not give them your information or money, until you are sure its a legit sale.


Questions you can ask the seller before handing over any money.

What is the quote number issued by Door to Door Car Carrying?

What is the booking number for the transport with Door to Door Car Carrying?

This will help us identify the booking.


If the seller is unable to provide the quote number, it doesn’t mean the sale is fake. The seller may just have the transport companies mixed up, remember there are legitimate sellers of vehicles online.


If the seller insists that Door to Door Car Carrying is transporting the vehicle. But they aren’t unable to give you the above information, then you maybe getting scammed.


What to do next?

Call us on 1800 366 723. We can check our system for a quote or booking that match’s the sale info. 

If you receive an invoice with our details on it and your still not sure. Give us a call as we are more than happy to check our system for you.


If it is a scam?

Don’t give them your details or money.


We recommend you contact the police in your state or territory.

Non-Emergency Police Assistance Line on 131 444


Report it to Scamwatch


Report a cyber crime.


Check the ACCC link below for more about this story.


Please note:

If it is found to be a legitimate booking with us. We cannot share any details with you if your name is not authorised on the account.


Scam Alert scammers targeting online vehicle buyers


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