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Salvage car transport: if it rolls, we can help

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Whether you’ve purchased a salvage car, or need to get a damaged non-running car home, you may need to use a vehicle transportation service.

Many car transport companies will not take rolling chassis or rolling shells as they can be difficult to load onto the truck. But you’re in luck because Door to Door Car Carrying specialises in interstate salvage car transportation all around Australia! As long as it’s a rolling body, we can help. And it’s more common than you think! There are plenty of reasons why automotive enthusiasts choose to purchase salvage cars interstate and even import cars from overseas. We take a closer look at the benefits of opting for a salvage car for your next restoration project, and how you can get it to your door without any hassles.

Why invest in a salvage car?

Many people will tell you to stay away from salvage and written off cars at all costs. But if you’re handy with a toolbox, and have been around the block a few times when it comes to restoration projects, there’s no reason why investing in a salvage car can’t pay off. Especially when most vehicles are written off with little to no damage at all these days!

Furthermore, it’s far easier to get your hands on a rundown vintage vehicle than it is a fully functional one. People tend to leave classic cars, passed down through the family, in their backyards to rust for decades before getting around to selling them. Who knows, you may come across a Ford Thunderbird wedged between someone’s broken trampoline and spiderwebbed cubby house!

Buying a rolling shell or a rolling chassis will also give you the freedom to design the customised car that you’ve always wanted. Something totally unique that you can wow fellow car enthusiasts with at club meetups.

Banish the difficulties of moving a non-running car

But how will you get your inoperable car from its current location to your home? Easy! Door to Door Car Carrying has been transporting rolling, non-drivable vehicles for donkey’s years! We’ll move your car to and from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns, Perth and places in between! The difficulties associated with getting a non-running car onto a truck have deterred many transport companies, but not us! Our team of professionals are highly experienced in handling precious and unusual vehicles and use winches to move and secure inoperable cars. Better yet, we bring your car straight to you, rather than dropping it off at a depot, to minimise multiple truck transfers during the journey and get your new project to you quicker. The less handling, the better!

How to transport a damaged car

If you find yourself on the other end of the stick, needing to transport your damaged car home, to your insurance assessment centre, your mechanic or to the scrap yard, Door to Door Car Carrying can help out in this case, too. Some distances are simply too far for a tow truck to travel, especially if you’ve been involved in an accident interstate or a long way from home. We are fully qualified to transport damaged vehicles that are unsafe to drive. As long as it will still rolls, we can secure loose parts, strap everything down securely and get your car to you as quickly and safely as possible.

Want to transport your non-running car from its current location, straight to your door, quickly and for a competitive price? Contact Door to Door Car Carrying today for a free quote!