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Presents for car lovers

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Do you have an absolute car nut in your life, or are you one yourself? Well, the good news is that gifts for car lovers are easy to find and come in many shapes, sizes and prices!

Unfortunately, not all of us have the cash to buy friends and family a brand new Lamborghini for their birthday, so maybe one of the below gift ideas will have to do.

Jeep key ring

This one’s just subtle enough that mostly only other jeep enthusiasts will recognise it in a heartbeat. Assist your gift receiver in feeling like they’re part of an exclusive club. And prevent them from constantly asking where they put their keys.

‘Fill her up’ coin bank

Is your mate saving for a Ferrari? Help him out by gifting a coin bank that looks like a speedometer to keep track of his savings. The only problem is that he may need fifty of them to make the budget!

Spark plug lamp

If your brother needs helping pimping out his bachelor pad, this spark plug lamp will fit right in! Be warned, though – if his future lover isn’t as crazy about cars as he is, it might get the boot during moving time!

Gearstick umbrella

If your girlfriend gets elitist about driving a manual, then perhaps it’s time to embrace it. This umbrella will remind her of her superiority even when the weather’s dreary.

Hot rod travel mug

Just quietly, we think this might be the coolest travel mug around. With vintage vibes, reusability and self-heating capabilities, it has all the best features! Cup of hot joe to go, anyone?

Car-themed baby onesie

If your friend has just given birth, is a bit of a mechanic and loves a wicked joke, then this baby onesie is the best gift to welcome a new car fanatic into the world.

Tickets to Bathurst 1000

Looking for the ultimate surprise present? Blow your family or friend’s socks off with tickets to the 2017 Bathurst 1000. The event runs from the 5-8th of October, and tickets range in price and accessibility. If you’re really looking to lay on the VIP experience, indulge in platinum grandstand tickets. For those on more of a budget, trackside tickets will put you right in the heart of the experience.

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