Even though the Great Depression lasted for a large chunk of the 1930s, the automobile industry continued to advance during this era. Sales figures did drop significantly, but luxury cars were still a commodity for the wealthy.

Popular cars from the 1930s

Automobiles of the 1930s gradually shed the boxy shape of their predecessors and opted for a rounder, more aerodynamic appearance. Several big leaps of progress were made in car design, including the installation of radios and heaters. Automatic transmission was invented, and a new focus was placed on more powerful engines. Car designers quickly discovered the thrill of speed and were eager to reflect it in each automobile’s curves and lines. The results were some incredibly sexy and sophisticated cars. The ones you associate with smooth-talking gentlemen and ladies clad in elegant silk headscarves. Here are the most popular classic cars of the decade.

1932 Ford V-8 Cabriolet.

The one-piece V8 engine in the 1932 Ford V-8 Cabriolet was a world first. The car itself was smaller than previous models but with far more horsepower, which made it unique for its time. The design reflected Edsel Ford’s vision, which would develop into a sophisticated style throughout the decade.

Jaguar SS100.

These beauties were built between 1936 and 1941, and are still revered by many Jaguar fanatics today. The Jaguar SS100 was a two-seater sports car that had motoring enthusiasts in tizzies of delight at the introduction of the three and a half litre engine. It could reach up to100mph – pretty impressive at the time!

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Buick Series 40.

With an eight-cylinder engine and 87hp, the 1934 model of the Buick Series 40 became quite popular. There were several vast improvements from the 1930 series, including brighter headlights and a much more powerful engine. The Series 40 came in a range of body configurations to suit different buyers. Motorheads of the day could choose from a sedan, business coupe, sports coupe or touring sedan.

Plymouth Model 30U.

The Plymouth 30U was a reliable, solid purchase in the early 1930s. It may not have had any of the bells and whistles of other racier cars, but it won the hearts of many motorists looking for a practical investment. The 30U had only four cylinders and 48hp, but was affordable and easy to run, making the 30U an instant winner!

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