If you’re a keen four-wheel driver and you’re looking for a new challenge this weekend, why not try a track that’s only a day trip away from Perth?

We’ve put together a list of the best 4×4 trails in Western Australia, that are only a few hours away from inner-city Perth. They range from easy to extreme, so whether you’re an aficionado or a beginner, there’s sure to be something that will tickle your fancy. So get the gang together, prep your vehicles and get ready for some blood pumping thrills!

Mundaring Powerlines

Distance from Perth: 40 KM
Track length: 24 KM
Difficulty: Medium to Hard, but can be Extreme in wet weather.

Arguably one of WA’s most popular 4×4 trails, especially for Perth day trippers, Mundaring Powerlines offers tracks that are mainly clay and rock. Not for the faint-hearted, and definitely not for the inexperienced, there are several tracks for different grades of difficulty, depending what kind of challenges you want to meet. The whole route from start to finish takes about five to six hours, but there are places where you can cut back onto main roads if you’re after a shorter trip. This track is best tackled with diff lockers, mud terrain tyres and a mate to winch you forward or back if you get stuck.

Seabird to Guilderton

Distance from Perth: 100 KM
Track length: 10 KM
Difficulty: Easy

This one is more for sightseeing than thrills but it will still give you a good day out in a relatively quiet area. Beach driving is possible if you want to try out your vehicle on the sand and in the dunes. Just be wary of the tides as the beach is quite narrow and you don’t want to get stuck. There’s one particular area where the limestone rock descent will offer a decent challenge for some vehicles, too. It’s a good track for beginners or those looking for a coastal outing with fantastic scenery and a little bit of chillout time.

Harvey Dam

Distance from Perth: 136 KM
Track length: Varies; many tracks to choose from.
Difficulty: Medium to Extreme, depending on track choice. Not for the inexperienced!

Now, this is a good one for all you adrenaline junkies. Don’t come here without 4WD recovery gear! A high clearance, two-inch lift kit is also recommended for all vehicles taking on this terrain. You’ll find mud, rocks, solid dirt, hill climbs and hill descents in abundance! Water frequently covers the tracks to provide even more of a challenge, too. Harvey Dam is also a recreational area, perfect for canoeing, trapping marron and kicking back by the water’s edge for lunch.


Distance from Perth: 70 KM
Track length: Choose how far you want to drive.
Difficulty: Easy to Medium.

Wilbinga is the closest coastal area to Perth where you can get in some duning time. There are plenty of sand dunes of varying difficulty, some truly steep challenges and a few smaller, easier slopes. This area can get pretty busy so heading out on a weekday, if you can swing it off work, is always advisable. Everyone likes having the beach to themselves, after all! Just make sure you invest in sand flags, especially if there are a lot of people about. The best part about beach and dune driving is that the terrain is constantly shifting, so you can go one weekend, and come back the next to completely new challenges. Well, that and when you’ve had enough adventure you can simply lay back and enjoy the sunshine and the surf!

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