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Fine British Motorcars for the Modern Age

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Always dreamed of owning a Morgan Roadster or Morgan 4/4? We’re not surprised. 

These gorgeous British classic sports cars weren’t designed to sit in the garage, but to allow you to experience the freedom of driving the open road with the wind in your hair.

Founded in the UK in 1909, the British company produces just 1,300 Morgans each year and there is often a waiting list of Morgan enthusiasts (aka ‘Moggies’) to buy one of these hand assembled beauties.

The great thing about new Morgan cars sold in Australia is that they look like a classic English sports car, but are re-engineered under Australian Design Rule (ADR). This means that they are compliant with Australian technical, performance and safety requirements. So you get the best of both worlds, and since Brexit they’re also more affordable.

You can buy new bespoke Australian Morgans from the Morgan Cars Australia‘s Melbourne outlet. We take a look at what’s on offer.


After 80 years of production, and still going strong, the 4/4 has the distinction of being the car with the longest production history in the world. It was first produced in 1936, but has been adapted over the years to suit the expectations of drivers and roads of modern day society. Driving a Morgan 4/4 is the epitome of class and sophistication.


  • powered by a 1.6 litre 4-cylinder Ford engine
  • weighs 795 kg
  • low fuel consumption
  • class-leading Co2 emissions
  • full bonnet louvres
  • black carpets
  • black ‘easy up’ hood
  • black or silver wire wheels
  • reclining sports seats
  • optional customisable paint colours & leather trims.

Plus 4

Featuring a slightly gruntier 2.0 litre Ford engine, and slightly heavier than the 4/4, the Plus 4 is a popular choice for discerning drivers who want increased performance. With a wider front and rear, and responsive handling, the Plus 4 is an easy car to drive. It also delivers on fuel efficiency. 


  • powered by a 2.0 litre Ford engine
  • weighs 877 kg
  • excellent fuel efficiency
  • easily-operated convertible roof
  • electrically heated window demister
  • silver ‘waterfall’ grille
  • range of optional extras (paint colours, leather trims, road wheel designs, luggage racks etc.)


For anyone who wants the look of a classic roadster, but the performance of a high powered sports car, the Morgan Roadster is for you. It offers a maximum engine speed of 6,850 rpm and a power to weight ratio of 300 bhp per tonne. You won’t suffer from driver fatigue either, the Roadster’s roomy cockpit is designed for comfort and fitted out with real leather. Like the 4/4 and Plus 4 it features an easy up hood and a range of optional extras.


  • powerful 3.7 litre V6 Ford engine
  • weighs 950 kg
  • 6-speed manual gearbox
  • low carbon emissions
  • completely new dashboard featuring electronic warning systems
  • plus digital and analogue displays and a
  • stopwatch to measure lap time.

3 Wheeler

If you really want to hark back to the driving of yesteryear a Morgan 3 Wheeler is the ultimate expression of this. An interpretation of Morgan’s first 3 wheeler cars produced in 1909, this modern version has a redesigned induction system to fit today’s standards of noise control. It also has a larger air cleaner mounted on the front engine, giving it a distinctive Australian ‘moustache’.


  • Powered by a 1983 cc engine
  • Spark ignition
  • Weighs 550 kg
  • 5 speed manual gear box
  • Max speed 185 km/h
  • Range of optional extras (painted front wheels, leather storage pockets, heated seats etc.)

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