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Modern Remakes of Classic Cars

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No matter how much you may love your classic car, there are certain advantages in having a modern remake.

Technology has advanced remarkably in the last 20 years, so it makes sense for your own safety and for the sake of the environment to think 21st century when it comes to classics.

There are lots of modern features that provide a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Check out these classic remakes that tick all the boxes for a daily driver.

Morgan Cars

Morgan Cars is a British automotive firm founded in 1910, who are still producing around 1300 hand assembled cars each year. The mainstay of the company is their classic roadsters, coupes and sports cars that have a vintage appearance but are completely modern ‘under the skin’. This means that their exhausts produce minimal noise and they experience low fuel consumption and low C02 emissions. No more having to buy a lead additive for old cars. Not to mention a number of mod cons such as electrically heated window demisters, immobilisers and dashboards featuring electronic warning systems. Modern safety features include a seat belt warning light and buzzer, a brake failure warning light and collapsible steering column.

Range Rover Reborn

The iconic Range Rover from the 1970s has been given a new lease of life with the Range Rover Reborn series by Landrover, another UK car manufacturer. Rather than building these classic 4WDs from scratch, the company is taking 1970s Range Rovers and completely restoring them to factory specifications with Land Rover Classic parts. Enthusiasts who wish to purchase are given information about suitable base vehicles and preferred chassis numbers. With this in mind, Landrover will undertake the restoration to preserve authenticity.

Revology Cars

Revology Cars is an American company based in Florida that produces brand-new reproduction classic cars, particularly Ford Mustangs. Revology Mustangs look exactly like the iconic 1960s sports car, but modern technology is incorporated to improve performance, reliability and comfort. Most importantly, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, and safety technology is brought up-to-date. Modern features include a seven-inch touch screen including Bluetooth and rearview camera, LED fog lamps, modern sound insulation, power four wheel disc brakes and a collapsible steering shaft.

Eagle E-Type Jaguars

Eagle is a niche car restorer based in Sussex, UK. They focus solely on selling original and restored E-Type Jaguars recognising the popularity of this classic British sports car amongst enthusiasts. Released in 1961 the E-Type Jag was described as “the most beautiful car ever made” and ranked first in The Daily Telegraph’s online list of the world’s “100 most beautiful cars” of all time. Eagle undertake bespoke ‘zero mile’ restorations of original E-Types to suit customers’ requirements and driving style. Each restoration takes around 4,000 hours, and modern features include an enhanced heating and demisting system, more powerful headlamps, an electronic ignition system, improved brakes and modern tyres, a modern electronic fuel pump and modern cooling system.

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