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Lego’s Latest Collectables Make the Perfect Gift for Classic Car Lovers

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Classic car lovers are habitually expensive people to buy gifts for. When you ask them what they want for their Birthday, they usually respond with some sassy remark about putting a bow on a fully operational, rare vintage 1961 Ferrari 250 Spyder or 1979 Austin Martin Bulldog…Haha.

But we have some good news for you! Your vintage car enthusiast’s dream can come true, you can give them the perfect pressie every Birthday and Christmas. AND you won’t have to sell a vital organ to afford it. AND it won’t take up room in the garage for decades. What is this miracle gift you ask? It’s a smaller, brick-like replica of the vintage car your special someone admires. Yes, it’s LEGO’s new Creator Expert Classic Cars range.

With the amount of tiny pieces that require assemblage, we think the feeling of satisfaction once the building is complete gives a small enough jolt of pleasure to satiate those dreams of rebuilding a real vintage car from scratch. Plus, it’s much less time consuming (depending on patience levels) and doesn’t leave oil stains all down your driveway. The massive bonus, however, is that it’s also far more affordable than driving the real deal, as LEGO cars run solely on loud ‘VROOOOM’ noises instead of fuel. It’s a win-win for the gift giver and receiver. So what classic vehicles can you purchase for the vintage car nut in your life?

1960s Volkswagen Beetle

Arguably the most iconic car associated with the swinging 60s, the VW Beetle reminds people of rock’n’roll, long country drives (with a couple of breakdowns) and beach holidays. It really was “the people’s car.” Now you can relive these memories through the miniature LEGO homage to The Bug. And boy is it detailed and full of surprises! The curved fenders, white rims and telltale round headlights all encompass the character of the little Beetle perfectly. Peek under the hood, and you’ll find her spare tyre and fuel tank. Better yet, open the boot, and there’ll be an incredibly detailed replica of a four-cylinder, air-cooled engine. And the fun doesn’t stop there! Tilt the seats forward to find your beach towels and attach your surfboard on top – you’re set to hit the waves!

1996 Mini Cooper MK VII

Another car typically associated with the 1960s is the Mini Cooper. However, LEGO decided to base the tiny brick version of the vehicle on the 1996 model; the MK VII. The white racing stripes and wing mirrors, combined with the sporty fog lights are unmistakable Mini characteristics that have survived the tests of time! Lift off the roof and have a good squiz at the detailed interior of this little Mini. It features patterned seats alongside a tan coloured interior, a veneer style dashboard and a picnic basket and blanket stowed away in the trunk. And did we mention that it’s fully driveable? You can turn the steering wheel and move the itty bitty gearstick and handbrake – perfect for doing laps around the office desk!

1962 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

This fantastic replica of the good old Kombi van will delight anyone with a keen eye for detail. It certainly is intricate! LEGO hasn’t missed a beat in showcasing every one of the VW camper van’s much-loved features. From the opening safari windshield to the pop-up roof, Kombi enthusiasts will revere this tiny model as a symbol of the good old days of surf, sun, hippies and music. A few of our favourite elements include the plaid-printed textile curtains, telltale spherical odometer, the ‘Make LEGO models, not war’ T-shirt in the back and the super detailed, authentic VW air-cooled flat four cylinder boxer engine hidden in the rear.

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

While this little gem isn’t part of the Creator Expert Classic Cars range, it’s still high on our list of collectables, and perfect for any motorsports fan! The wheel arches, hood scoop and gold coloured rims really bring this miniature replica to life. So pop on your decals, and gear up to zoom around the lounge room floor because the rubber wheels on this tiny revving machine are ready to roll!

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