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5 inspirational ideas (or excuses) to use your jet ski more often

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5 inspirational ideas to use your jet ski, many people buy a jet ski and see it sitting in their garage, taking up space for half of the year. But what’s the point of owning something so fun if you don’t use it as much as possible? We’ve put together a list of ideas that will inspire you to dust off the handlebars and get out on the waves. If you have dreams of looking as superstar as Zac Efron in Baywatch, we’ve got you covered.

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1. Get involved in a Club

The Australian Jet Ski Association includes avid jet ski fans from all around the country, coming together to create a community of water lovers! The club organises races, social rides, meet-ups and training. The AJSA are a highly invaluable source of information when it comes to legislation and jet ski maintenance. They frequently push local council’s to provide better infrastructure for jet skiers in their area so that the sport may become more widely accessible. As a member of the AJSA, you will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded hobbyists and professionals who’ll encourage you to get out on your jet ski more often and tear up the tide!

2. Participate in charity events

Charity rides are another great way to get your jet ski out on the water more often, and soak up the sunshine! If you aren’t feeling confident enough to participate in a full-blown competition, these events are a great starting point. Enjoy a blood-pumping ride with breathtaking scenery to raise money for a cause. One highly anticipated event this year in the Yamaha Variety Jet Trek 2018, where participants cruise from Sydney to Yamba to raise money for sick and disadvantaged children. Check it out here.


4. Get competitive

Now for what you’ve been gearing up for – entering competitions! Check your local club for the latest competitions and events, as these are generally members-only access. While Australia doesn’t boast a huge amount of national jet ski competitions, there are many large-scale international events that Aussie’s regularly participate in. The AquaX competition is a popular, fast-growing jet ski racing event, with competitions held all over the world. Australia often holds several rounds in Sydney, of both endurance and circuit competitions. See here to find out more.

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5. Hire convenient transportation

What may really be holding you back from achieving your full jet skiing potential is the hassle of transporting your watercraft to competitions and events around Australia. If you live in Perth and want to compete in Sydney, it’s a long drive across the Nullarbor to get there! But transportation of your beloved jet ski doesn’t have to be a massive pain in the neck. Door to Door can safely courier your jet ski for you all around Australia! Contact us today to make an enquiry.