Toyota Hilux


History of the Toyota Hilux. Over the last 50 years the history Toyota Hilux has become a staple of the Australian lifestyle. Firstly carrying what was needed, to towing caravans and of course paddock bashing, or offroading. Indeed the Toyota Hilux has proven itself to be one of the most unbreakable vehicles tested by the Australian landscape. Its various functions and modern features. The Toyota Hilux to this day still impresses those who require a vehicle that can get the job done.

Let’s take a look at this remarkable vehicle’s history.

1st Generation

Toyota Hilux

It all began in 1968 with the Toyota Briska that was made by Hino and would go on to be known as the first gen N10, Production started in March with a simple short-wheelbase 3 seater, 1.5L inline four cylinder engine that produced 57kW – 76hp, matched with a four speed column shift and rear wheel drive.



2nd Generation

Toyota Hilux

1972 to 1978 saw an update in style and improved cabin comfort. In 1975 the introduction of a mid series update, consumers now had the option of a 2.0L engine and a 3-speed automatic transmission.



3rd Generation

Toyota Hilux

Introducing the first Toyota Hilux with 4WD, this would become an Australian requirement. Enter the first diesel Hilux and in 1981 the first double cab option. Now we are getting closer to the Hilux we all know and respect. Further updates in engine capacity included 1.8L, 2.0L, 2.2L and 2.4L petrol as well as the 2.2L diesel.



4th Generation

Toyota Hilux

Hello fuel injection. Replacing the solid front axle with independent front torsion bar suspension in 1986. Toyota also included a turbo petrol engine option and in 1988 the first petrol V6 engine in a Hilux.  The new cabin types now took the Hilux from a standard work horse, to the everyday drive. Let’s not forget the Back to The Future movie franchise, you know Marty’s dream car, the black 1985 SR5 Toyota Hilux with all its add-ons, yes that is a seriously nice toy.



5th Generation

Toyota Hilux

Global production. The Toyota Hilux now began to be built in multiple countries. Argentina, Colombia, the United States and Germany, where it was sold as the VW Taro in 1991. VW could be planning something, maybe the Amarok’s humble beginnings?

Need more cabin space, Toyota agrees. The V6 engine with more power, up to 112kW – 150hp, and let us not forget the iconic flared wheel arches, great for flicking mud.



6th Generation

Toyota Hilux

The end of an era, this was the last series of Hilux to be manufactured and sold in Japan. That didn’t stop the power of the V6 increasing to 142kW – 190hp.



7th Generation

Toyota Hilux

Fun times ahead.  The 2.7L petrol in the 4×2 workmate, the 4.0L V6 or the 3.0L turbo-diesel in most other models.  2008 Australia saw the introduction of the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) brand. Side note: this is what all Hilux loving Australians want, and who can blame them with TRD releasing the 4000S and 4000SL producing up to 225kW – 302hp.  Now let’s be honest here, some passenger cars don’t even get close to that sort of power, but in a ute, haha oh what a feeling, and of course the V6 VVT-i DOHC pushing up to 170kW – 228hp still not to be scoffed at.



8th Generation

Toyota Hilux

To the future and beyond.  Say hello to luxury, with more variations than ever and multiple engine options from 2.0L Dual VVT-i petrol, 4.0L VVT-i V6 petrol versions to turbo diesel options, LED lighting, alloy wheels and Toyota Safety Sense. The Hilux is a smart and safe vehicle for the whole family to enjoy. The Hilux has probably seen more of Australia than most humans.  In 2019 Toyota announced that they are working on an electric version of the Hilux, I honestly can’t wait to see that.



So where from here.

For the past 50 plus years the Toyota Hilux has proven itself beyond recognition, from its humble start to today’s offroad monsters. The Hilux has been on both North and South poles, survived the most grueling competitions at a global level and can very comfortably take the family to Sunday markets.  

One thing is for sure, If you go to a shopping center anywhere in Australia today there’s one vehicle you will most definitely see in the car park or on the ride there, and that is the Toyota Hilux.

We may not have designed or built it, but it is most certainly a part of Australia’s history.

So I will end here with Thank You Hilux for giving us a great work horse, a luxury ride for a night out and an extremely fun way to throw mud.



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