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Extreme Off-Road Vehicles You Won’t Believe Exist

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Extreme 4x4s are highly-modified and custom-built vehicles designed to get down and dirty, roll and ramble over various types of terrain.


Whether it’s the specialised tyres, the huge size or just the sheer audacity of these beasts, they certainly turn heads wherever they go. We take a look at some examples of what it means to be an extreme 4×4.

Ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicle 2)

Extreme Off-Road Vehicles You Won’t Believe Exist | Door to Door Car Carrying
(Image via Ripsaw)

Ever wanted a luxury tank to race around in? The Ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicle 2) is a high-speed super tank and was originally designed and built for military use by Geoff and Michael Howe, brothers and inventors who live in Maine. Now they’re targeting it at the off-road recreational market. Each high-end luxury tank is handcrafted and features 30 cm of adjustable suspension, a 600 diesel horsepower engine and a fully decked out interior. As one reviewer remarks “the apocalypse doesn’t stand a chance”.


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Screaming Blue Coleworx Buggy

Extreme Off-Road Vehicles You Won’t Believe Exist | Door to Door Car Carrying
(Image via Four Wheeler)

If rock bouncing is your thing then check out Screaming Blue, one of the original rock bouncing vehicles that started the craze. Rock bouncing is basically launching a purpose-built machine up the side of a hill and trying to get to the top by bouncing it with the throttle wide open. More often than not it tumbles back down in spectacular fashion, which is half the fun. Rock bouncing vehicles need to be tough and the Coleworx buggy has been designed to take a lot of abuse. It has a custom built chassis, high horsepower engine, tough wheels, even tougher tyres and an axle shaft originally for a monster truck.

Chainlink Extreme 4×4 Lizard

Extreme Off-Road Vehicles You Won’t Believe Exist | Door to Door Car Carrying
(Screenshot via chainlink4x4 YouTube video)

If you thought there was some terrain that was simply impassable for a 4×4, meet the Chainlink Extreme 4×4 Lizard. This is a custom built off-road vehicle with a hydraulic chain-drive that can get into places where regular 4x4s can’t venture. Each tire can move 7 feet both up and down so it can cross over giant rocks with ease. It features a five litre Ford V8 engine from a Mustang and a C4 transmission from a Ford Bronco, and the wheels can go in different directions at once. No chance of being stuck in a tight spot when you’re in one of these!

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