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From classic cars to groomsmen in matching suspenders, antique tables, and old-style liquor bars with home-brewed whisky, vintage weddings have become somewhat of a trend in recent years.


And with couples now looking back to the past for inspiration, it’s no surprise that classic cars have made a comeback in the wedding industry.

In this article, we take a look at five top tips for incorporating classic cars into your special day!

1. Get married at a classic car museum

For a setting that is stylish, fun, and a little bit quirky, why not try a classic car museum? With a unique atmosphere, entertaining exhibitions, and lots of stunning cars to look at, your guests will be overjoyed.

At the top of our list is the Fox Classic Car Collection in Melbourne. This venue can accommodate up to 120 people and has more than 50 prestige vehicles on display, including cars from brands like Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz.

2. Use a classic car as your backdrop

Every married couple wants to capture the perfect wedding photograph, from sunset stunners to family portraits, candid snapshots, and unique romantic moments. To add just the right amount of glamour and wow to your album, park a classic car behind your reception or opening ceremony, and voila, you’ve got yourself an instant photo shoot background.

3. Make an unforgettable getaway

After the champagne has been popped and the confetti has been thrown, it will be time to make your getaway. And what better way to do it than in a classic car? Offering timeless beauty and sophistication, classic cars are the ideal mode of transportation for car lovers in love. Just pop some streamers on the back, a couple of treats on your seat, and you’ll be ready to drive away into the sunset.

4. Cater with classic car themed food

For couples who love to personalise, classic car themed drinks are the perfect way to show off your signature style. For example, some popular classic car themed cocktails you might like to have on your menu include: the ‘Pink Cadillac’, the ‘Rolls Royce’, the ‘Chevrolet’, the ‘Monte Carlo’, and the ‘Little Red Corvette’. You might also like to have a cake topper in the shape of a classic car, or name your dishes after famous classic cars from well-known movies.

5. Wedding activities

It’s not uncommon for wedding festivities to last an entire weekend these days. From booked-out resorts to guest-list-holidays and overseas travel, many millennial couples are choosing to include a lot more activities and adventure in their wedding day schedules. For example, some classic car themed activities might include classic sightseeing tours (perhaps in a wine valley or along a beautiful sunny coastline), classic car shows, and classic car races.

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