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You don’t have to be rich to have a decent classic car collection. You also don’t need to be a mechanic. Knowing your way around an automobile will definitely cut down costs, but let’s face it, if you’re a car enthusiast, you’re bound to have a trick or two up your sleeve.

Now we’re not talking a collection of 20 top-notch, Grand Prix endorsed vehicles here. You can have 2-3 classic cars and still be deemed a collector. And don’t forget – it’s all about what YOU’RE interested in!


Avoid the notorious

You’d be surprised what you can pick up for under $6000. One approach is to go for the cars that are similar to those praised for their performance at Bathurst, or even the Round Australia Trial, but not the exact model. Famous cars always have a reputation surcharge attached to the price tag. Take the Peugeot 203, for example. Its association as the winner of the first Redex Round Australia Trial has set its price leagues above the Peugeot 403, which is just as, or perhaps more reliable as the 203, but much friendlier on your wallet.

Consider your location and resources

If you don’t live close to a trustworthy mechanic, and don’t have a great deal of specialist knowledge yourself, it may be worthwhile going for a slightly more expensive car. When you know that it has been well looked after it can really pay off to spend the extra dollars. Buying a major fixer upper can end up costing you an arm and a leg in new parts and installment.

Try your hand at trend forecasting

Another handy tip is to look towards the future. Assess trends and buy the cars you think will be future classics. Hedging your bets and making an investment on something that won’t necessarily turn you a profit isn’t for everyone. But some will love the thrill of the gamble, and besides, you’ll still have a top-notch car regardless of whether you can resell for double the price in twenty or thirty years.

Future classics

The most popular classics at car auctions today are muscle cars from the 70s. This might be because the middle-aged bracket who dreamed of these cars in their youth are now of an age where they can afford them. So what cars will this generation reminisce over when they’re of an age to invest? Here are some of the top contenders:

  • Fiat 500
  • Mazda RX8
  • GT Falcon Cobra
  • Mini
  • VW Beetle
  • Corvette ZR6
  • Holden 2006 CV8Z Monaro

There’s a mix of race cars and vintage throwbacks here. Some might say that with the rise of ‘hipster’ culture in recent years comes the remodel of typically vintage looking Mini and VW Beetle vehicles from the 60s. Will it be a long-lasting trend, or just a fad?

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