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Camper trailers vs. caravans

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They seem to be everywhere these days, but which would you choose: a camper trailer or caravan?

This is the question holidayers often find themselves asking. The answer largely depends on your budget and the level of comfort you expect in your travels.

We’ve put together a quick list of pros and cons to help you decide which mobile home you’ll be spending your leisure time in!


Camper Trailer

Camper trailers offer the outdoor experience with a little extra convenience and comfort than straight-up camping. If you still want to get in touch with nature but are sick of fiddling with tent poles every evening, then a camper trailer may be a more economical option for your holidaying.


  • More fuel efficient because of lighter weight
  • Not subject to height restrictions
  • Able to put racks on the roof for extra storage
  • Wind resistance is low, meaning easier handling when driving
  • Relatively easy to drive off-road


  • Less protective against heavy rain, storms and winds when camping
  • Often requires more time spent setting up camp
  • Minimal internal storage space
  • Can feel cramped
  • Will need to find campsites with bathroom facilities

To find out what’s hot in camper trailers, check out some reviews from Camper Trailer Australia.



Caravans provide that extra slice of comfort that comes with travelling in style. If you spend extended periods on the road, a caravan is the way to go. These days caravans can come with toilets, showers, home theatre systems and even washing machines! If you enjoy your creature comforts and are looking for a mobile home, a caravan may be the best option for you.


  • Superior weather protection
  • Secure, with locks on doors and windows
  • Minimum fuss set-up
  • Maximum comfort
  • More room for families


  • Cannot be towed by all cars due to weight and height
  • Will not have access to all roads due to weight and height restrictions
  • Use much more fuel to tow and leave a larger carbon footprint
  • Many require access to campsites with electricity to operate appliances, limiting the available stopping places
  • Requires an experienced driver to manage the weight, especially in high winds

There are many sites to find learn more about the latest caravans, but Caravan World is an excellent place to start.


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