Building that dream car can be a reality, when you have the time.

The car you want

If you have always wanted to build that dream project car, either by yourself or to share your knowledge of cars with the family.

Then perhaps now is the perfect time to do it, especially while you find yourself at home a lot.

Starting can be as simple as finding the car you want.

Finding it

Now that the choice has been made and you know exactly what you are looking for, it is time to find it.

There are plenty of sources online to find the project car of you dreams, be it a 56 Chevy Belair or a Skyline R30, the fun begins with a simple search.

Here is a list of common places to start.

Pickles Auctions
Manheim Auctions
Greys online
Gum tree

Transport to your door

When it comes to interstate or local vehicle transport, let the team at Door to Door Car Carrying help you make your dream a reality, we specialize in finding the best solution in getting your vehicle where you need it to be.

Beginning the journey

Its home!

That moment when the truck arrives to deliver your dream, you’ve made the space, you’ve got the tools, (no doubt you’ll end up with some new ones soon) and as it rolls into your work space you’ve already started to imagine the potential in front of you.

Dig in and enjoy.

Halfway there

Your now at the point where its all coming together, you have risen to the challenges that have been put before you, and it is starting to look better than you first imagined.

The engines in and set, it’s time to turn the key for the first time and here that baby purr.

We’ll leave it there for you to discover the joy of that sound on your own.

Final stages

The paint work has been completed, the engine runs, the drive line is set, suspension, tyres done!

Now the interior requires your utmost attention, for this is the part you will relish, the joy of knowing that once this piece of the puzzle is in place, your own custom comfort within the vehicle of your dreams will be complete.

Last bits

She’s all done, time to check every inch, the detail you have put in to make it the way you want it to be, a reflection of your creativity in reality.

Your baby is ready, time to wash up.

The first drive

You open the door to where she was created, you stop in ore of her beauty, lift that handle the door opens as perfect as day 1.

You sit in your world, insert the key, turn, and wow she’s alive.

It’s the moment you had sleepless nights thinking about.

As you pull out of your driveway you wounder what adventures you’ll share together.

It’s time to find out.

Wherever you end up, you know its going to give you some of the best memories you’ve ever had.

Building your dream? You may need interstate transportation! Door to Door Car Carrying moves vehicles all across Australia. Whether you’ve found your dream in Brisbane, Sydney or Perth, we can get it to you, Contact us today for a quote.