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Australian road rallies to take your classic car to in 2017

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Australian road rallies to take your classic car to in 2017:

Are you a classic car owner who likes to take their beloved wheels on a road trip? Then a classic car rally might be just what you need.

Classic rallying is a fun way to see the countryside, test the mettle of your vehicle and enjoy the company of other vintage car fanatics. It can be more about showcasing your vehicle than competing, but longer rallies can provide an element of competitiveness with time trials and endurance involved.

We’ve highlighted some of the popular classic rallies that are held in Australia, which you might like to participate in.

Classic Adelaide Rally

The Classic Adelaide Rally is a three day event that is part of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival. It’s a tarmac and touring rally for cars that are pre-1986 with subcategories for Early Classic (pre 1972) and Late Classic (pre 1986). The main highlight of the rally is the Prima Tour. Open to both classic and modern cars, it’s an all day touring event tracing a route of approx 335km up into the hills behind Adelaide. It tests driver skill and stamina but also has some fun asides, like a stop off at a winery for lunch and free baked goods. Information and dates for this year’s rally will be available January 2017.

Australia Classic

The Australia Classic is a precision rally that has been held in Cairns in 2012, 2013 and 2015, with next year’s date still to be confirmed. A ‘precision rally’ is one where teams of two (one to drive, one to navigate) must drive certain distances within a set time limit. Participants aren’t allow to use GPS or exceed speed limits to make up time and teams get penalty points if they arrive earlier or later than the prescribed time. The winner is the team who has the least penalty points of the race. The route, some 600 kms of driving over two days, takes place on scenic open roads and the teams have a detailed Roadbook to follow so they don’t get lost. Eligible cars for the Classic class are those prior to 1987.

RACV Great Australian Rally

The RACV Great Australian Rally is organised by the All British Classics Car Club and is a non-competitive, historical vehicle showcase of vintage and classic cars. The rally takes place at starting points of Melbourne, Stud Park, Rowville and Hastings and then cars make the journey to Mornington Racecourse where they’re viewed by around 6,000 spectators. The rally takes place on Sunday the 5th of February 2017. Visit the RACV Great Australian Rally for more information.

Southern Cross Touring Road Event

Another non-competitive rally is the upcoming Southern Cross Touring Road Event being planned in conjunction with the FIA World Rally Championship on the 11-14th of September. The rally starts on September 5 and features runs of 300 km to 500 km per day (on sealed roads), with overnight stops in NSW, finishing up in Coffs Harbour in time for the rally. Any kind of cars and motorcycles can enter the rally. Organisers are currently calling on potential entrants to register their interest via the online registration form on the website.

Australian road rallies to take your classic car to in 2017

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